New details and screenshots revealed for S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2

John from DSOGaming writes: "Following the release of a new in-engine trailer, GSC GameWorld revealed some new screenshots and details for S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2."

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morganfell55d ago

Might want to rethink that article:

"GSC Game World, developers of the upcoming shooter Stalker 2 have confirmed that the reveal trailer which premiered at the Xbox Games Showcase was not in-game footage. Instead, it is a target render which the devs are aiming to deliver."

john255d ago (Edited 55d ago )

Someone should read the article first because the article never stated that the premiere trailer was in-game. It was an in-engine target trailer. Not an in-game trailer, and not a CG trailer. From the article.

"The game will be using Unreal Engine 4 and its in-engine trailer demonstrates the level of graphics it aims to achieve. This trailer does not represent the quality of the final build, even though it uses in-game models."

morganfell55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

Here is the first line from YOUR article:

"Following the release of a new in-engine trailer, GSC GameWorld revealed some new screenshots and details for S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2."

Its a target render, how they hope the game will look.

Target render is not in the game engine specifically now is it. A target render doesn't even guarantee that it is using the same engine as the game. Usually it doesn't. So screenshots of the target render?

john255d ago

you should start paying attention to the developers and not to questionable websites. Here is what the developers themselves said.



Also, these screenshots are NOT from the trailer. For instance, take the header screenshot. It has a completely different angle than the scene from the trailer.

morganfell55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

Oh yeah you’re right. Your website’s never printed anything questionable. Something I allowed for above is that the render isn't game footage. It isn't. That "questionable" website as you called it stated that it wasn't in game and it isn't in game. In engine footage is fake as hell and it always has been. EA is the most notorious in the world for that.

Your are article isn't wrong but its part of the issue pushing in engine all of the time and never being skeptical at all. Gamers are burned by this every time. Every time. Renders are utterly worthless.

Eamon54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

The in-engine trailer may be "fake as hell" or may not be "fake as hell." EA definitely is notorious for bullshots and downgrades. So is Ubisoft. But GSC isn't. They're notorious for buggy in-house engines lol.

Until we see a build that's more representative of the final product you can't accuse or praise GSC of anything. If GSC did use Unreal Engine 4 and their own assets to make this trailer, then they're not lying when they call it an "in-engine trailer."

Target render or "proof of concept demo" is an early stage and is very common practice in game development. What comes next is the Alpha build and so forth. GSC is not your standard corporate studio. Far from it, they're very independent-minded and also very close to their community of fans. After all, they want to make Stalker 2 support mods from day 1. Therefore, mods will make the game look even better than the actual release. Of course, that's for PC gamers.

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john254d ago (Edited 54d ago )

Dude, I don't want to sound like an ass, but you said:

"Target render is not in the game engine specifically now is it. A target render doesn't even guarantee that it is using the same engine as the game. Usually it doesn't. "

You were COMPLETELY WRONG with this assumption. It will be more mature to accept that you were wrong and move along. I told you that it was IN-ENGINE TARGET TRAILER (and deliberately did not provide the quote from the devs in order to see your reaction). You then insisted that it wasn't in-engine. Boom, here comes the quote from the developers themselves that it's an in-engine target trailer.

For your interest, I've also made mistakes and when I do, I immediately apologize for them. I don't try acting like I'm right all of the time and everyone else is wrong. We can't be always right, but we can at least be honest.

morganfell54d ago

Where was I wrong? I specifically said USUALLY. Usually and ALWAYS... not the same thing. It would have been more mature for you not to come off like you did in your first response when someone, who quite often upvotes your articles to be approved, who even emailed you about this, tries to help.

And as some very knowledgeable people have stated, there is a serious problem with pushing these sorts of in engine pieces: You can state in engine until you are blue in the face but it is in reality a disservice to the people the press are supposed to serve.

john254d ago (Edited 54d ago )

Dude, come on now. You said "rethink the article", you basically criticized that the article has false info when in fact it doesn't. You even argued that it's a target render and not an in-engine target trailer. There is a big difference you know between a target render and an in-engine target trailer.

Bottom line is that - from the developers themselves - this is an in-engine target trailer. It's not a CG trailer, and not a target render. And, as the article clearly states, it does not represent the quality of the final game.

However, you are right. Apologies if I came off as an ass in the first comment.

morganfell54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

Enjoy. Keep modifying everything on the page until you get it right. 15:41:46 GMT was the last time.

Bottom line these prerendered sequences are a disservice to the people whom the press in all fields is supposed to serve. Then pushing screenshots of that same footage helps the developers and publishers while doing nothing for the gamers. Alternate angle shots just compounds the issue. Of course I am sure that you have written several articles calling that practice into question and demonstrating how end products never manage to achieve the target goal. Enjoy your website.

L7CHAPEL53d ago

what's honest? is if this were concerning PS5 and not Xbox,
he wouldn't be on here at all,
going on and on about it...

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GunHoCharlieA153d ago

Same difference, in-engine or game it's basically rendered in engine.

Saijahn54d ago

This really stole the show for me. STALKER was an incredible game

Fraggle198754d ago

Im happy the game is being made but come on it was just a target render that was shown. Nothing to get excited about...

54d ago
DiRtY53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

Am I allowed to be excited about it oder do I need your permission first?

It is a promising IP.
It will launch on GamePass.
InEngine Trailer looked good to me.

Enough reasons to look forward to it.

53d ago
Saijahn53d ago

What does that have to do with knowing stalker 2 is coming out? Between Sony and MS a whole lot of trailers was what?

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crazyCoconuts54d ago

I wasn't familiar with the original game. Looked it up and glad I did - old game but the reviews were positive. I've got a PC based handheld that would be perfect for it... On my steam wishlist now. Looks kinda Metro like

Yodasfavoritesoda53d ago

It’s a great game and the people that made metro made this game just under a different studio. 3a games is made up of a bunch of former stalker devs . I still play stalker all the time I hope u enjoy it

AnotherGamer53d ago

But these are from the CGI trailer.

Yodasfavoritesoda52d ago

Who cares Sony had a whole show full of cgi trailers

Yodasfavoritesoda52d ago

Yeah absolutely positive. Ratchet and Clank and Arkanes dull looking game is the only gameplay I remember. All devs are releasing cinematic in engine trailers because of people picking early builds apart.

Yodasfavoritesoda53d ago

Stalker is still a blast to play. Can’t wait to play 2