Game Success or Failure: Should Developers Stick To What They Know ?

OXCGN discusses if studios fail more often than not if they deviate from their usual game style:

"A change is as good as a holiday, they say. People get tired of doing the same thing over and over so it shouldn't be a surprise that game studios may feel the same way too. In an industry plagued with safe sequels and cliche copycats it should be a good thing when a game studio decides to try something moderately or even completely new. Unfortunately, this isn't always so and what results can be average, or worse, a complete disaster."

For a list of games that have failed and poll to voice your opinion, hit the link:

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Immortal Kaim4249d ago

Yeah, unfortunately gaming devs seem to excel in one particular genre or area (usually) and when they stray too far from that, we get some strange outcomes.

darkmurder4248d ago

Hit the nail on the head mate, I'm worried about Massive entertainment, World in conflict was a great RTS but MMo's? I'm nto sure if they'll succeed there.

gaminoz4249d ago

I think it's too much for some studios to do something that they haven't much experience with.

Innovation is one thing, but you can still innovate from where you come from. Valve innovated from Half Life to Half Life 2 and even Left 4 Dead, and Ubisoft innovated from the original PoP to Assassin's Creed and again with the new PoP.

However, I agree, Silicon Knights should have stuck with Eternal Darkness, Free Radical should have stuck with Timesplitters, and Bethesda should stick with RPG.

Immortal Kaim4249d ago

But then again it seems to be the same companies that innovate over and over again. Some just don't seem to have the talent to innovate like Valve and should just stick to making what they are comfortable with. Agree/Disagree?

XboxOZ3604249d ago

Excellent read mate, and personally, I think developers NEED to spread their wings rather than staying to what they know. It does not breed forward movement to stay static.

Yes, there will be failures, as in all things, but one needs to make failures in order to make achievements . .otherwise nothing changes, and it breeds contempt.

gaminoz4249d ago

As much as I like innovation etc., a lot of it has come in the form of Live Arcade games, or games like Portal, or Wii party stuff, or LBP type stuff.

Games like Half Life 2 with the grav gun and how that affects puzzles or Bad Company with the destructibility, or Assassin's Creed with the fluid running over buildings and seamless climbing platforms, all came from within a genre or existing style that the studios knew well.

I'm just not sure that a studio can jump from say RPG (like World In Conflict) to a MMO and be innovative or successful.

There are more failures than successes that I can think of.

XboxOZ3604249d ago

For some it requires mistakes to move forward, otherwise they become stagenent within their own studios, the workers get tired of doing the same old same old and move on, and the studio loses what it did have, and the normal games slip in quality as older staff move to more newer, innovative styles and genre's.

PimpHandHappy4249d ago

the big money studios let a small team work on something different for DD. Let them allow a team of ten or something to go ahead with a idea they want to try. Put it on PSN or XBL

small team with all the kits and backing could make some cool stuff i bet

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The story is too old to be commented.