Here's How Big Ghost of Tsushima's Map Is (Measured)

Alex writes: "As has always been our curiosity with big sandbox games here at Twinfinite, we've gone about doing our best to measure Ghost of Tsushima map."

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Father__Merrin16d ago (Edited 16d ago )

North Island – 7.5 x 2.5 = 18.75km2
South Island – 4.6 x 2.1 = 9.87km2
Therefore, Tsushima’s total square area is roughly 28.62km2 or 11.02mi²

In comparison red dead redemption 2 is 13 square miles so this is a big game bigger map than far crys etc

nowitzki200416d ago

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ZeroBlue216d ago

Good size. I never want them to be too big, then most of it just empty. Devs should only make game worlds as big as they're willing/able to fill in with content and details. Not just generic padding either, make every section of the game world special.

nowitzki200416d ago

To me size doesnt matter, its the quality. This world looks incredible.

janus22516d ago

Like Horizon: ZD or God of War!

DrDeath16d ago

God of war wasnt an open world tho. Gave the illusion. Still was amazing tho

ssmilloy3615d ago

less was more with God of war. didn't want open world.

GoodGuy0916d ago

About 6 or so hrs in and Id say Ive only explored around 40% with the first part of the island. Every area in the game is very beautiful and there are cool landmarks and villages so you never really get bored with the map unlike many other open worlds. I dont ever really get that overwhelming feel or want to just rush over to the next mission. Most areas Ive actually slowed down for just to take in all that beauty. SP did a superb job.

MrNinosan16d ago

I feel the same. Played 10+ hours and still on Act 1, doing all sidequests I can find, searching for artifacts, shrines, bamboo, foxes and what not. Never have I felt an open world being filled with so much.
Normally I get bored trying to to everything in a zone before moving on, but here I enjoy it still.

It helps that the combat is frickin amazing aswell.

InMyOpinion15d ago

One thing worth reiterating are the ultra-fast load times when you quick travel around the map. It never loads for more than 5 seconds, compared to AC: Odyssey which has more load times than time spent in game.