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Ghost of Tsushima is an absolutely gorgeous open-world action/adventure with incredible combat and clever solutions to longstanding issues in the genre, despite dropping the ball on the stealth side of its stealth/action split.

RazzerRedux1436d ago (Edited 1436d ago )

Another kick ass game from Sony! New IP at the end of the generation as well. This is why I buy PlayStation.


No doubt man. Hard to believe that I just finished TLOU 2 and in three days I'll be playing GoT. Two blockbusters weeks apart. Just awesome.

pwnmaster30001436d ago (Edited 1436d ago )

Yeah Sony is leave this era with a bang and I finally made up my mind to pre order the game.

Sony devs is looking really strong for next gen. A lot of them is producing really great games.

I’m so conflicted because I love last of us 2 but haven’t finished it but I really want to play ghost right away.

mikeslemonade1436d ago

PS4 held it back. Should have been a PS5 only game just like TLoU2.

jznrpg1436d ago

@mikeslemon don’t worry , they will support PS5 with a lot of games until the end of the new gen

Army_of_Darkness1435d ago


Oh you... Always saying the same sh*t like a broken record at the end of every gen... At least be a little more creative next time?

Marquinho1436d ago (Edited 1436d ago )

Will need wait for more reviews. Wonder why IGN's so far above the media in Metacritic (currently 83)

For a new IP, 83 of media is pretty good though.

pwnmaster30001436d ago (Edited 1436d ago )

Lol several other sites gave it a 9.
Plus this is sucker punches biggest game...
I predict their next game to be on another level.

RazzerRedux1436d ago (Edited 1436d ago )

9 isn't really "far above" 8.3 at all. 83 is a great score for any game, but definitely hard to achieve with new IP.

WillyC0091436d ago

It’s at 85% on OpenCritic

morganfell1436d ago

Reviews are meaningless. They are just opinions and favorable or not they have degenerated into a mere litany if personal likes and dislikes, completely devoid of any objectivity. There is only one reviewer that is of consequence and that is the one you see when you are brushing your teeth.

sushimama1436d ago (Edited 1436d ago )

YOUR BOY Skill Up says it is "astoundingly good" and is one of the best open world games ever made. So now I know you'll be down to play. I know how much you value his opinion.

ACG on youtube loved it too

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SamTheGamer1436d ago (Edited 1436d ago )

Now it's 84 based on 86 critic review. Are you gonna buy the game?

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starchild1436d ago

I do think Skill Up is one of the better reviewers out there. But ultimately I don't take any reviewer's opinion as the gospel truth.

rainslacker1436d ago (Edited 1436d ago )

.7 is so high over the meta?

1-2 points within meta is generally probably a good sign that it's at least a reasonable review.

ForwardDude1436d ago

It's not coordinated. If every site gave the game exactly 8.3 that would be shaddy.

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crazyCoconuts1436d ago

I can't keep up with all the Sony exclusive games I want to play. I just started Death Stranding (and loving it), and I still have Days Gone, TLOU2, and now GoT to get through before PS5. Damn, good problem to have

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-Ghost1436d ago

The wait is almost over 😃 Still remember the day when they revealed it back in 2017 for Paris Games Week

CaptainHenry9161436d ago

Sony knows how to deliver great exclusives

RauLeCreuset1436d ago

Ditto. The last two games I finished were FF7R and TLOU2. Now Ghosts in just a few days. I still have to decide when I'm going to play Iron Man VR. The consistent strength of Sony's catalog over the last four gens would be enough on its own to convince me to invest in PS5.

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SierraGuy1435d ago

It does assassin's Creed better than ... assassin's Creed!!!

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gravedigger1436d ago

New IP and Sony nailed it again

sampsonon1436d ago

Now let's hope The Order gets to a sequel and has a tweak or two to the game. Taking chances should be celebrated.

gameslayer24111436d ago

Sadly the studio responsible for the Order is now owned by Facebook, so I dont see us getting the sequel it so rightfully deserves.

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