5 Reasons to Be Excited for Little Devil Inside

The PlayStation Brahs:

“James P. goes in-depth as to why you should have Little Devil Inside on your radar!”

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FlavorLav01471d ago

This game looks epic in a Wallace and Gromit/Shawn the Sheep kinda way. The art style alone screams personality! I can’t wait to play this one, very excited.

The Wood471d ago

Even the combat looked intriguing and slyly violent. Definitely on my radar.

_dangerclose_471d ago

Yeah this game looks fantastic unfortunately it was a victim of unnecessary controversy but hopefully we're beyond that now and we can get back to looking forward to what looks like a great new game experience.

470d ago
Final_Aeon470d ago

Probably the game I'm looking most forward to from the PS5 presentation. I just hope developers don't bend the knee any more to easily offende people. Make the game you have envisioned, don't let some fake outrage steer you off course.