Final Fantasy XV Update Version 1.30 Full Patch Notes

Final Fantasy XV update version 1.30 is available to download now for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Here are the full patch notes for this update.

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paradigmfellow1257d ago

This is the worst Final Fantasy game for me.

olorin8181257d ago

I platinumed the game, and enjoyed it at the release, however it is such deeply flawed game, that despite its patches and DLC's it still feels fundementally 'unbaked'.

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Outlawzz1257d ago

I agree. It had so much potential. I actually like the combat but after watching the movie prequel which I enjoyed, I was hyped for the continuation, but it just dragged and completely lost the sense of storytelling. Played about 15 hours and dropped it. I'll get back to it someday.

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jeromeface1257d ago

No one cares about your game review @paradimfello

DarkkMinion1257d ago

Could you please elaborate? Bandwagon boy.

Sarcasm1257d ago

FF8, and FFXIII were much worse.

iQuasar1257d ago

Spell draw. Cast spells to lower your character stats. Oh and un skippable extended summons. B3ST G4ME EV4H. Mmmmm. r/TIHI

Z5011257d ago

Not Lightning Returns...

Suzyp1257d ago

if you play the full royal edition, there is no way you can say it's the worst Final Fantasy game. FF13 is up there though.

Smclaren19851257d ago

Yeah I still enjoyed the game but it was litterally one of the most shallow unfinished final fantasy projects ever . It had some incredible moments don’t get me wrong , but the story had huge holes and tones of character building and development missing and you could beat most boss fights by holding down one button lol it had so much potential too sad

Anarki1257d ago

It's not BAAAD. It just doesn't feel like a Final Fantasy game. If they implemented FF7 combat into the game, it would fix alot of the game for me.

DerfDerf1257d ago

Must be the only one you ever played then. It's actually pretty damn good.

Gamerking821257d ago

And the best for me . Opinions ehh .

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Charal1257d ago

Before FF7 remake, it was my preferred FF game. I don’t know exactly why but I really enjoy the way Square is handling the characters in FF since XV. Plus, game world got a very strong personality.

I really felt being part of a journey with friends, and the twist in the start screen after beating the game was very touching.

Anyway, regarding the article, it was very dispensable: only new update feature remove in the patch.

jaymacx1257d ago

I like the characters in XV and even the combat. For some reason after beating it the game didn’t feel complete. Maybe they will make a sequel to this game and continue the story and they can add FF7 Remake gameplay.

ManMarmalade1257d ago

I wish they woulda kept the game going on the same track as the early Versus Xiii trailers. They kinda just switched everything around once the directors were switched halfway through.

TwistedXenos1257d ago

Best FF game so far besides FF7

Gaming4Life19811257d ago

I guess im old school cause my favorite ff games are 4,6, and ff7(original) but i did like ff15. The only ff i disliked was ff13.

TwistedXenos1255d ago

omg ff13 was horror x.x and yeah ff7 is original what I mentioned here, have not played remake ff7 yet

FernDiggidy1257d ago

Loved the gameplay in this game.