Final Fantasy XV Almost Literally Passes the Torch to FFXVI

Final Fantasy XV’s ending and FFXVI’s opening moments have a small parallel that can be symbolic of the series going in a new direction.

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CrimsonWing69338d ago

Geezus this is a stretch and honestly the campfire is an absolute coincidence. It’s the whole transition from a scene in fire to a present scene with fire.

There’s literally no connection to 15.

Tacoboto338d ago

I mean... You play as a dude with black styled hair. If that's not obviously an homage to Noctis than idk what to tell ya.

You're also minimizing the impact XV had on XVI by spelling it 15. There's another torch, literally in the name. XV Hater

Snookies12338d ago

It's also called "Final Fantasy" there's definitely some torch passing going on, lol.

MrNinosan337d ago (Edited 337d ago )

Well, if so, it's even more homage to FFX which starts with Tidus at a campfire, thinking Bout the past (and then you play it), just like here.

VanHalen337d ago

Played through the entire demo and thought it was very overhyped. If you enjoy spending your time watching cutscenes, linear levels and weak feeling combat, then this games for you. Can’t understand what people are raving about. Was a big letdown for me

Snookies12337d ago (Edited 337d ago )

Have you watched any of the trailers at all?

Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but all three complaints you have are invalid and I'll explain why.

-First off, if you don't like games with a story, RPG's generally aren't going to be your thing. Cutscenes tell the story, and there is a beautifully crafted one being told in this game within the first two hours.
-Second, linear levels? Sure, it's the START of the game. Trailers have shown giant open areas. One that they specifically said was like 2Km by 2Km in size to traverse. So, that point doesn't stand.
-And finally, weak combat... When you don't have ANY skills. At the (once again) START of the game. Of course the combat is simple. You literally don't have any moves unlocked, lol.

repsahj337d ago

I can't understand your taste either.

VanHalen337d ago (Edited 337d ago )

If I wanna watch a movie, I’ll go watch one. I enjoy good solid gameplay, action adventure 3rd person mostly with some rpg elements. Good feeling combat. Not spending my time watching 45 min worth of cutscenes every 10 minutes of gameplay. That’s just lame. Sorry you can’t wrap your head around that, but constantly having to hit skip on a bunch of boring unnecessary banter all the time is not my idea of fun. People have forgotten what games are about and missing these days. It’s too bad

RedDevils337d ago

Just do yourself a favor, play those pew pew pew games.

MrCrimson337d ago

more story telling and world building in the ff16 demo than the entirety of ff15.

FinalFantasyFanatic337d ago

Hell no, FF15 was a dumpster fire, FF15 is a good roadmap for what not to do with FF16. I don't think any misses the cross media either, alot of that stuff should have just been in FF15 to begin with. Thankfully, the team doesn't seem to be making the same mistake with FF16.


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LordoftheCritics29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

I don't know about ''great'' rpg.

Most epic fight sequences and presentation? Yes

Worst side quests ever? Yes
Boring traversal? Yes
Empty worlds? Yes
Demo is infinitely more mature than the actual game? Yes
FF16=MMO side quests + Devil May Cry Lite

Alos8829d ago

I'd give it the great part, it's the RPG part I find dubious.

EternalTitan29d ago

There is no Roleplaying/decision making in this game.
No crafting there isnt even character builds because just like Dante/Bayonetta Clive has all skills and loadouts available to him.

CrimsonWing6928d ago (Edited 28d ago )

What do you mean there’s no role playing? Also, I’m fairly certain I made builds with Eikon abilities and I’ve gone to the blacksmiths to literally select craft weapons and gear. 🤷‍♂️

EternalTitan26d ago

How many 'builds' can you make?
Weapons and gear only increase numbers. Tell me about elemental weaknesses and status.

CrimsonWing6926d ago (Edited 26d ago )


Elemental weakness isn’t an RPG defining end-all-be all element.

What statuses are you asking about? F*cking status buffs and debuffs? You talking about stats that increase with gear crafting? Because all that’s present in the game.

The fact that you even admit there’s builds and RPG elements contradicts your claim. No matter how limited they may be, they exist in the game, therefore it is an RPG. I think the correct critique is instead of claiming it’s “not an RPG” you really mean to say it’s an RPG not as in-depth as it’s contemporaries. Regardless, it’s an RPG nonetheless even without “elemental weakness” playing in combat.

EternalTitan25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

"Elemental weakness isn’t an RPG defining end-all-be all element"
Why not?
Where is your source for this?

CrimsonWing6925d ago


So you’re telling me if a game has all the elements and mechanics of an RPG except elemental weakness exploits in combat that they’re not an RPG?

C’mon man, how about you show me where it says an RPG must have elemental weakness mechanics?

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CrimsonWing6929d ago

Let’s be honest, this isn’t a “great” RPG. I am in the camp that it IS an RPG, no DMC game I’ve played is designed like this… but in terms of being a great RPG… well, I much prefer the RE-Trilogy over this.

That being said, I do think the DLCs have probably the best boss battles I’ve played in a game. Omega was crazy and the battle theme just amplified that for me. In the other hand, I’m struggling to think of a game that has a boss battle as great as Leviathan. Like, I played it on FF mode and it was sooooo intense and just a gorgeous and fun experience. The music was also top notch!

However, I really disliked most of everything of FF16. The Benedikta arc was fantastic, but after that the game was boring and a slog to get through. I think the boss battles were the best parts, but also inconsistent for me. Bahamut was peak for the base game, but everything else didn’t surpass that experience until you play the DLC bosses.

VersusDMC29d ago

The 2 DLC's were great. 2 new eikon ability sets (leviathan and...) and a survival/bloody palace mode with Rising Tide were great as well.

repsahj29d ago

The Base game is already great for me IMHO and the 2 DLC will even make it better.


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