Project Cars 3: Has It Given Up On Being A Sim?

It has been met with mixed reactions, with many comparing the gameplay reveal to something more like Forza rather than the hardcore racer it has previously aspired to be.

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KyRo1473d ago

Let racers be fun again. I know that Sims have their place in going but this generation we've had to many Sims and not enough good old arcade racers. It's disgusting the neglect they've had this generation.

1473d ago
Nacho_Z1473d ago

Yeah it seems like arcade racers have been fairly low budget efforts or indies for some time now.

1419d ago
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IRetrouk1473d ago

All they have done is make it look a bit flashier, the sim aspect is still 100% there, confirmed already.

Jakens1473d ago

I believe it's a sim at heart. The assists are widely available to players though.

yellowgerbil1473d ago

What ever happened to their console? Madbox? Someone needs to top Stadia for dumbest console.

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