Project Cars 3 First Look | Gamereactor

Gamereactor got an early look at the next game in Slightly Mad's racing-sim series.

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Nacho_Z1473d ago

I guess if it's the same physics as the previous games with a focus on being more accessible it's not a bad thing. You can always turn whatever visual stuff you don't like off and serious sim fans shouldn't have a problem doing that.

EazyC1473d ago (Edited 1473d ago )

From the gameplay footage it didn't look like the same physics, cars don't seem to exhibit weight transfer and in general car movement had that super jerky arcade vibe. However I do note the dev's comments in this article, saying that it is based on PC2, so perhaps the footage shown has all sorts of stabilisers/driving aids turned on? Looks a lot like GRID's physics.

Nacho_Z1473d ago

I thought the same thing, it looks different to me too but then you've got the dev comments saying it's the same foundation as the other games. Hopefully it's just a case of showing off the more arcadey aspects to attract general interest and that's not where the real focus is.

Retroman1473d ago (Edited 1473d ago )

They say PJC 3 supposed to be like NFS Shift 2 with tweaks.
I'm in knowing it is Better than NFS Heat, Payback, Rivals, 2012 Mostwanted.


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