Project CARS 3 | Reveal Trailer | PS4

Get ready for Your Ultimate Driver Journey.

GamerRN1481d ago

I still think Gran Turismo is the best console driving simulator, with Forza second, and Horizon for arcade driving.

I just don't get excited about racers anymore. They used to be the most amazing looking games, but they haven't advanced with the times, other than the 3 mentioned above...

remixx1161481d ago

True kinda, it's a genre that is littered with little hickups that keep it from delivering on size, scope and mechanics.

Licencing issues alone are a bitch to deal with I'm sure

Shuckylad1481d ago

Yeah I used to love racers both arcade and sim or combo of both like PGR series. I either got burned out bored of racing the same tracks over multiple games.
P’cars 3 will probably be more of the same in the end.

RaidenBlack1481d ago

I like the Grid's approach to Sim-cade racing
I miss PGR and Driveclub though

Hayter4561481d ago (Edited 1481d ago )

Gran Turismo hasn’t been relevant quite awhile though. Evident recent game scoring below 80% metacritic and previous ones hovering around 80%. Forza has been the king of racers for a long time and highest rated racer out there.

purple1011481d ago (Edited 1481d ago )

Sounds like you haven't played it. The handeling physics alone is /are better than forza7, by far.

Hayter4561481d ago (Edited 1481d ago )

The thing is Forza has been consistently scoring higher than Gran Turismo since the first one on the original Xbox. GT4 and Forza 1 came our same time and Forza since then been receiving stellar metacritic (apart from 5).

Knushwood Butt1481d ago

Hasn't been relevant?

I recently watched 18 pro drivers from Japan's Super Formula series racing in the 'virtual' first round of the 2020 Super Formula season seen as the real world events can't be held, and that was delivered using a version of GT Sport.

It is more relevant than ever.

remixx1161479d ago

It's kinda the best selling racing sim out there so I'm not really sure how it isn't relevant, unless the definition of that word changed

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InLikeFlint1481d ago

I'm down for this & very excited to play the third iteration. PC2 was brilliant, played with a wheel set up but not so much with a controller. I watched another preview where it was mentioned that the development team have made it more controller friendly.

I loved the racing on the vintage tracks driving my hero, Jim Clark's legendary Lotus. The sound effects were also amazing in PC2. Count me in for a purchase, I love my racers.

sprinterboy1481d ago

Why show ramming a car off in a trailer? Or is that a certain game mode


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