Cross-Play Between PC/PS4/XB1 Is Finally Out in War Thunder After Over a Year of Talks with Sony

At long last, Gaijin announced that full cross-play between all platforms is available in War Thunder, after over a year of talks with Sony.

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ccgr79d ago

Better late than never!

codelyoko79d ago

Getting on with the times, Sony. Bravo!

russo12179d ago

Being the leaders, they should lead this path of xplay and define it for the future. Others are happy to follow suit.

rainslacker78d ago

Sony started allowing cross play around the middle of last year. Then rolled it out in their official certification in October as I recall. Nothing is preventing any developer from implementing cross play so long as they go through proper compliance requirements which exist on all platforms. It's even included in Sony's SDK and API's now.

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BlackDoomAx78d ago

I haven't played since too much time. I really should get back

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