Anthem Community Members Are Handing Out Free Game Codes, Bioware Chips In

Players from the Anthem community are advising other people to stay home and is giving away free Anthem game codes! BiioWare chips in to the cause.

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Spenok7d ago

I just want to see something come out of this overhaul. I'm glad they finally acknowledged it needed to be done... but they need to SHOW something as well. Or more realistically, release something.

excaliburps7d ago

I gather, maybe they're prepping it for PS5/Xbox Series X? That would be an ideal scenario, no?

On topic, this is a nice move by the community.

SyntheticForm7d ago

I hear loading is a pain in the ass in Anthem, but that could easily be solved with the next-gen consoles.

KyRo7d ago

That would be the best decision. It wouldn't suprise me if it went the Destiny 2 route of Free to Play either. The people who bought it were disappointed and a lot of people were probably put off with all the bad press it got.

It can be turned around. The Division and Destiny are both proof of that. It's how far they are will to go with the overhaul really.

fr0sty7d ago

"Come on guys, we're bored with nobody to play with. Come join us while in quarantine!"

Spenok7d ago

I have that feeling too, however, they won't just up and leave the PS4/XB1 community behind. That would create a ridiculous amount of bad press.

It would be pretty sweet though if they offered a free upgrade to PS5/XSX!

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Nitrowolf27d ago

Bioware gonna have to do a ton to get me to play that again. I mean gameplay was fun, but everything else bleh

fr0sty7d ago

gameplay was fun, isn't that the point?

Daeloki7d ago

@fr0sty I think he meant that the overall mechanics and idea are fun, but with the "story" they gave us and the extremely repetitive missions, the game falls short. The flying and combat did feel really smooth, and the environment was absolutely gorgeous. So yeah, gameplay was fun, but not enough to last long.

So yes, Bioware fucked up, but there is definitely potential. Am I still upset with them? Yeah, but this is one of those rare cases where I really wanna see them turn it around and win us over.

DVAcme7d ago

I'd rather lick a toilet seat than play Anthem.

nocoge66246d ago

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And the most ignorant comment of the day goes to....

Teflon027d ago

You've never opened worldstar, have you?

aaronaton7d ago

This comment was brought to you by 'Soy Milk & neckbeards' i imagine you wear glasses too.

MetroidFREAK217d ago

I'll take the game for free at least

Anomander7d ago

I'll wait and see what the rework version is before firing it up. It had promise when it first came out and could have been something, but atlas it was not meant to be. I did log some hours into it and beat the main storyline so I felt I got my money worth out of it.

TheColbertinator6d ago

Give me Dragon Age 4 for the lockdown instead.

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