Resident Evil 3 demo analysis: the game's brilliant but something's up with Xbox One X

From Digital Foundry: "Another superb remake is on the horizon from Capcom with the Resident Evil 3 demo hitting PS4 and Xbox One consoles - showing how its RE Engine has evolved since the Resi 2 remake. Fans of the original Playstation game will be well prepared for what's to come: it's a more action-orientated take on the series from the word go - fewer puzzles and more focus on firepower to push through - with the threat of Nemesis looming around every corner. This is a marked departure from the last game too, not just in tone but also in how the RE Engine is deployed, with some major change seen in the Xbox One X rendition of the game."

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SLiSH83620d ago (Edited 620d ago )

Ehh I’ll run it with free sync and should fix the choppiness I’ll run it at 1440p or what ever the in between resolution is between 1080 and 4k

Genkins620d ago (Edited 620d ago )

it does look like a step down from the RE2 remake and DMCV. (not the only one saying this either.)
with the characters having stiffer animations. no clue if this is only for the demo.
should be running a lot better if the content is lesser than those games.

BiofourceGun620d ago (Edited 620d ago )

it may be a step down in animations (Re2 remake) but it's a step up in some other areas on the X.
it has more pixels, better shadow resolution, and better effects.

UnSelf619d ago

Frames > resolution

Any day. Never forget

619d ago
Dragonscale619d ago (Edited 619d ago )

And it runs like a slideshow.

Tech5620d ago (Edited 620d ago )

quite a few have mentioned Jill's animations in the threads. (which apply to all demo versions.)

to be fair both the RE2 remake and DMCV have been in development for over 4 years.
RE3 Remake has been in development for like 1.5 years.

BLizardXD620d ago (Edited 620d ago )

it's native 4K on the X this time around. (@ 3:15)

CuVe620d ago

Doesnt matter... serious fps problems, strange

timotim620d ago

I wouldn't sat it doesn't matter. It honestly just means they need to optimize a little more.

Tekken66634620d ago

it's a 4k console though. so it makes sense to push for 4k.
maybe they'll support a higher frame rate setting.

bishup25619d ago (Edited 619d ago )

The Re3 remake exceeded 60fps on the X at lower pixels. so they opt for 4k to get the maximum out of the console. RE2 remake reaches 75 fps uncapped at 1440p on a GTX 1060. which is weaker than X by a whole Tflop. with the frame cap enabled the amount of extra performance is discarded. which would be a significant amount for the X. the same issue was reported with Forza Horizon 4. when they supported a 1080p 60 fps option instead of 1440p 60fps, which was possible according to DF using similar specs.

Tech5619d ago (Edited 619d ago )

given that there are few supported frame settings on consoles. developers have to make specific choices for that. the specs equivalent to X for the Re3 remake on PC can achieve well above 60 fps.
using this metric, how much frames are lost is why Capcom made use of the higher pixels.

gravedigger619d ago

Naaaah :

"PS4 Pro, Xbox One and Xbox One X seem to be using a form of Checkerboard Rendering to reach their stated resolutions."

Benficaman619d ago

Maybe 1800p for the xobox x and it will get the 60fps

Tekken66634619d ago (Edited 619d ago )

you guessed it. give this man a cookie. i think it's easier to subtract pixels.
so it shouldn't be that difficult to provide both settings for the X version.
(if they can't achieve a solid 4k 60fps on the console.)

gravedigger619d ago

Demo is a checkerboard 4k on X1X, not native.


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