Bandai Namco accidentally tweets Animal Crossing: New Horizon complaint via Company Twitter account

GoNintendo writes: "We're not quite sure who's in charge of Bandai Namco's Twitter account in the US, but they made quite a big mistake earlier today.

For a short while, a tweet complaining about Animal Crossing: New Horizon was made on the official Bandai Namco US Twitter account. It's clear that the person tweeting thought they were complaining on their personal account, but they accidentally remained logged in to Bandai Namco's account while doing it. The tweet has been removed, but we're not sure whether that's due to the person realizing their mistake, or someone else at Bandai Namco pointing it out."

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thejigisup394d ago

I van't believe that story

JTGA394d ago

Via Vompany twitter? Of course this got approved, haha! ;-)

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xTonyMontana394d ago (Edited 394d ago )

Some nice QC there

VivaChe394d ago

I betcha there’s a lot of people who will buy extra Switches so they can play their own village, and i betcha Nintendo knows that and is counting on it.

CrimsonWing69394d ago

Vhen I grow up I vill own my own Vompany!!!

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Outside_ofthe_Box394d ago

lmao, You an't got to do him dirty like that 😂

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Outside_ofthe_Box394d ago (Edited 394d ago )

lol, Don't sweat it. It happens and people are just poking fun at the title in general, not any particular person.

Also your alt source is there. It's under both Credit url and Alternative Sources

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