10 Fighting Games That Deserve To Be Resurrected Next-Gen

Although fighting games are entering a new Golden Age, there's a number of franchises that deserve to be brought back.

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darthv72458d ago

I'd love to see Sega bring back Eternal Champions.

BlackTar187458d ago

Why is there no Star Gladiator or Battle Arena Toshinden?

Terry_B458d ago

Because the other 10 mentioned series were better. Star Gladiator 2 was just the first part with more characters, Battle Arena Toshinden went really downhill after the 2nd game.

BlackTar187458d ago (Edited 458d ago )

o got it. Cause you said those games aren't as good... Got it.

since Battle 1&2 were pretty damn good and Star Gladiator 1 was very good those sound like perfect games to remake.

Also saying a fighting game is the same as it's predecessor with more characters sums up like 90% of all sequel fighting games.

Also BA3 was not a bad game and wasn't given a bad reception.

SickSinceSix458d ago (Edited 458d ago )

I think licensing is one of the major reasons Fight for NY hasn't been ported, since its original release. Def Jam had a poll on their Twitter a year or two ago asking if people would be interested in a new entry to the series. A surprise next gen release with AKI developing it would be cool

Silly gameAr458d ago

Definitely yes to Weaponlord, Bloody Roar, Rival Schools, Power Stone, Bushido Blade, Darkstalkers, and the Def Jam games. I was really big into fighting games when I was younger. I would Like Primal Rage, B.A,T., and Eternal Champions to come back as well.

BlackTar187458d ago

Primal Rage was good. There was also another game that was kinda like Weaponlord that I used to really like but I can't remember the name.

Ready to Rumble was cool back int he day as well

Ninver458d ago

Rival schools and virtual fighters

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