How to truly master Tidus' journey - Top 10 Final Fantasy X Secrets

"There's a surprising amount of interesting things to do in Final Fantasy X but it's not always obvious how to find them. In this top 10 list, I'll break down my favourite of these nifty secrets; perhaps you'll discover something new!" - Alex Legard from Video Chums

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VideoChums597d ago

Indeed. The HD Remaster was cool but a full remake would be incredible!

Loktai597d ago

People dont think about it that much but FF games were very close together at that time and also considered
some of the best. The gap between FF7 and FF10 was 4 years. Yes. 4 years.

You know what else was 4 years? The gap between Final Fantasy 13 and the release of Final Fantasy 13-3.

Auron597d ago

Yes Remake it, Tidus looked like crap on the remaster compared to the ps2 version

Zanarkand596d ago

I would disagree with a remake there are many previous gen FF games that should come before X. Were getting X-3 sometime in the distant future and that's much more than i could hope for.