Square-Go: Spiderman: Web of Shadows review


"The combat system really gets into gear as well in act 3 with the later combat maneuvers bringing to mind the excesses of Devil May Cry or Soul Calibur. Particularly satisfying is stringing together combos from different fighting styles by changing costume between hits or by moving the combat between the different arenas of ground, wall and air to maximise your advantage. A competent gamer could probably get through the game with button mashing and a bit of cunning running away to heal. That would perhaps miss the point though, while it is true that at no point do you feel particularly threatened by anything other than the bosses, you are playing a superhero so maybe that is as it should be.

You will get out of Web of Shadows what you put in. After working through the first half of the game the rest of Web of Shadows leaves you under no doubt that you have full control of the Spiderman of the comics. Surely that is worth a bit of effort."

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