If Konami wants to revive Silent Hill, we’ve got some ideas on how to do it

Ask any dedicated fan of Konami’s Silent Hill and they’ll likely agree that 2012 was both the best and the worst year for the franchise. That year saw the release of not one but four different Silent Hill projects: the mainline title Silent Hill: Downpour, the spin-off handheld game Silent Hill: Book of Memories, the Silent Hill HD Collection, and the second Silent Hill movie, Silent Hill: Revelation.

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TheRealTedCruz231d ago

They should let Red Barrels handle it. I think they'd be a solid fit.

tochi230d ago

One advice.
Sell the IP to Sony
where Toyama and Kojima can work together again.

Juusterey230d ago

Step 1
hire competent people

AK91230d ago

Regardless of your points your forgetting one thing.................this is Konami we're talking about.

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