Amazing Silent Hills Dreams Project Shows What Could Have Been

This fan-made version of Silent Hills created in PlayStation Dreams shows what could have been for forlorn fans.

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MadLad229d ago

Someone really just needs to make a large offer on the Silent Hill IP.
There's a bunch of indie and AA studios making great horror games, but the only real big budget horror games coming out is Resident Evil.

CaptainHenry916228d ago

The Callisto Protocol is about to change that.

porkChop228d ago

Why would Konami sell? They already have two survival horror projects in development from what we know. One of them is Silent Hill.

Knightofelemia228d ago

How is Silent Hill confirmed? Everything that has to do with Silent Hill is either rumor or speculation. If Konami is going out of their way to block PT from working on PS5 and a pachinko machine using the name. They are mainly just keeping the trademark. Silent Hill characters in Dead by Daylight is Konami also retaining the rights to those characters.

mkis007228d ago


In this day and age where there is smoke there is fire. Like many leaks before it, the number of sources and quality of sources indicate silent hills is in development.

sourOG228d ago

Cool article. I agree. What a letdown that whole thing was. I think Kojima would have been perfect for the silent hill franchise.

The dreams demo is cool but it’s not silent hill. It was good practice for whoever made it. Now make your own shit and sell it like Kojima did.

fr0sty228d ago

The difference being, Kojima had a budget and a team helping him make PT.

sourOG227d ago

Dude created silent hill in dreams for free. He will be okay without a multimillion dollar budget. He can get a team or he can do it solo.

The only difference is making a silent hill fan game for free or make your own IP and get paid (possibly).

frostypants228d ago

Yes it sucks that it got canned but holy hell MOVE ON ALREADY. This is the biggest dead horse topic in gaming at this point.

sourOG227d ago

That’s the whole point of the article lol.
People keep clinging to PT because they can’t accept the fact that Kojima silent hill isn’t coming.

We just had a confessional from the guy that delisted PT on the store 8 years later. Let it die, I agree. Every time I see PT mentioned I think of that colossal f***ing failure konami pulled.

Yama227d ago

Ironically just played the PC fan port the other day, as well as the mod that allows you to explore the street. I streamed it to my Discord and everyone just felt major FOMO having the project ripped from us like that. This one still hurts.

HyperMoused227d ago (Edited 227d ago )

I think a large audience is waiting for more silent Hill, myself included a next gen silent Hill would be amazing if pulled off right, hell its been so long even remaking the originals would be a money maker, no idea why they are not making more in the SH universe.