10 Things We’d Like to See in the Sequel to Skyrim

KeenGamer: "Skyrim was released nearly a decade ago, but its sequel still remains a mystery. Even if we don't have any real information (yet!), we can still speculate about what we'd like to see in the sequel to Skyrim, and see how a sequel could improve on the Elder Scrolls formula."

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ArmyVetGamer64d ago (Edited 64d ago )

From the article

1. A better ui
2. Compelling companions
3. Better guild questes
4. A reactive environment
5. A better magic system
6. More dynamic crafting system
7. Features of dlc in the base game
8. Marriage and romance
9. More Daedric lord content
10. More opportunities for role playing

How about a well crafted game free of bugs, glitches, and game breaking problems? If this isn't your #1 want, evidently you didn't play (try to play) skyrim day one on the ps3. I have never seen anything like what i witnessed trying to play that game. Almost a decade later, im sure it plays much better... but day one it was one of the worst day one games by a supposed AAA dev i have ever seen.

How about faster load times? I remember sitting easily 45-60 seconds for the game to load. This game might go down in the guiness book of records... for one of the longest load time on ps3

How about no online only

How about no mt's. In a game like this, all the stuff you want to nickle and dime people for, could all be ingame, purchased with INGAME $$$. Im fine with paid dlc as that adds longevity to the game playing itself, but lets stop all these other greedy practices.

How about cross console support

Everything else on this list is fine, but these 5 should be their main priority first!

PiNkFaIrYbOi64d ago

I think you are hoping for too much with the free of bugs, glitches, and game breaking problems.

ArmyVetGamer64d ago

I know lol. But we can still hope

ilikestuff63d ago

Honestly, I’d like them to just remaster the original skyrim.... again

Fluttershy7763d ago

- You complained about bugs and glitches, but I think that was unavoidable for a game that ambitious (at least for Console, at the time there was nothing like it) You need to remember this is a 2011 game
I had my fair amount of frustration with Skyrim (on PS3), mainly with the loading times (you mention 60 seconds I remember it was at least 90 sometimes) and frequent crashes that forced you to reset, but I must say in my experience the game was playable (and I think you would agree with me on this because you enjoy Bethesda games, and you want another Elder Scrolls entry)
And though I think the bugs and glitches were unavoidable in those days (again, for a game that ambitious) I also believe that they are inexcusable for something like Fallout 76 (or the future ports of Skyrim that were just a quick cash-grab and didn't fix anything)

ArmyVetGamer63d ago

A new engine would be great! But doubtful

NecrumOddBoy64d ago

I assume they mean ES VI, and not a Skyrim 2.

ArmyVetGamer64d ago

No, i meant Skyrim. It came out Nov 2011 on ps3.


Uglyday64d ago (Edited 64d ago )

Thanks for the link to Skyrim......? We know when it was released and we know it is a sequel to Elder Scrolls IV:Oblivion. But it is weird (while maybe technically correct) to read “sequel to Skyrim”. We are waiting for Elder Scrolls VI not Skyrim 2.

feenix-564d ago

@ArmyVetGamer - You're an idiot

bluefox75564d ago you want Skyrim 2, ot TES 6?

LightningMonkey63d ago

TES VI: Skyrim II I'm guessing?

Deathdeliverer63d ago

Literally laughed out loud @LightningMonkey.

andydalum64d ago

At this point I just want the game to come out even though I now it's not going to happen any time soon.

I have faith enough for them to make a game that I will enjoy playing I just wish they would have focused on ES6 instead of doing ESO and other things. With the number skyrim did you'd think it would be a no brainer.

ifrit_caress64d ago

The hard truth is that TESO is making Bethesda money so they will focus a lot of energy on that game.

ocelot0764d ago

Zenimax is who is focused on that. Bethesda is simply the publisher for it.

CaptainObvious87861d ago

You have faith Bethesda will make a good game?

What the hell are you smoking?

Have you not seen the complete and utter sh*t show that has continued to be an utter sh*t show since it's launch with Beth adding fresh sh*t to it monthly, that is fallout 76?

SinisterKieran64d ago (Edited 64d ago ) skyrim.......

nowitzki200464d ago

Skyrim 2: The Elder Scrolls..LMAO

ocelot0764d ago

I just want to see a new engine.

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The story is too old to be commented.