Report: Blizzard Banning Users on Forum for Helping People With Warcraft 3 Reforged Refunds

Reports from multiple people have come in that Blizzard Entertainment is banning users on their official forum for helping other people with Warcraft 3 Reforged refunds.

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excaliburps606d ago

Blizz and Bethesda were like two studios that everyone loved and has now changed, no?

This is just sketchy.

yellowgerbil606d ago

This whole reptilian invasion thing is starting to sound a little less crazy

neutralgamer1992606d ago

They are being run by their ex CFO if I am not wrong. They are only about money now nothing else.

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xTonyMontana606d ago

You think you do but you don't, I expect nothing less from a company ran by someone who said such an arrogant statement.

605d ago
notachance605d ago

the game itself is a bad remaster work, that's why people refunded it
I'd rather play the original than this

frostypants605d ago (Edited 605d ago )

Blizzard, years ago, was one of the most loved developers out there. They were the CDPR of the time.

Now, they're just soulless, terrible scumbags. Funny and sad how time and money change things.

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Sophisticated_Chap606d ago

Blizzard seems to be banning everyone for one reason or another these days. Even Luke from Linus Tech Tips just got banned for a reason that he can't figure out, and Blizzard wont even give him the reason. I'm not sure why anyone would want to deal with this company.

XBox4eva69606d ago

My WoW account got banned years ago for phishing at a time when I wasn't even subscribed. To this day they still refuse to reactivate it.

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Blu3_Berry606d ago

Man Blizzard you can really go F yourselves. They really gone downhill lately and now when I look at them, all I see is a greedy company that gives no f**ks to its community. They literally seem to only care about money now.

RazzerRedux606d ago

Nah....before they merged with Activision they didn't do crap like this.

Parasyte605d ago

It's that Activision cancer spreading.

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The story is too old to be commented.