Most Disappointing Game of 2020

VGChartz's Brand J Wysocki: "Disappointing is a particularly interesting and subjective category. Although in truth it’s really not much, if any, less subjective than 'Best'. That segues nicely into something that warrants being addressed - as you look through some of our other Game of the Year articles, you may notice certain games appearing on those lists as well as this one. As counterintuitive (or even outright wrong) as that may seem, it speaks to the aforementioned subjectivity, as well as the diversity of our staff and audience.

Disappointment is correlated to expectations, and expectations are a product of any number of factors, most of which are idiosyncratic. Beyond that, there are so many variables in how each game is ultimately experienced and enjoyed. A quick and fitting example would be performance and other technical issues that may be unique to a particular platform."

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Terry_B41d ago

TLOU 2 and Cyberpunk don't belong in such a list.

Vits41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

This is an opinion article. Literally any game can belong to such a list.

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Army_of_Darkness40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

Even if I didn't like the direction of the story in the last of us 2, I'd never consider this game a disappointment. Gameplay, acting, graphics and performance was still top notch!


@gamer2353 except that for the opinions of many, it was disappointing. In the opinions of many it also isn’t disappointing. I kept an open mind up to playing it hoping it would impress me, but I was very disappointed. As someone who adored the first game and thought it had one of the greatest stories ever told, I thought the second was told very poorly.

coolbeans41d ago

Do you not remember the monumental heights CDPR built up for Cyberpunk for ~7 years? I'm really not trying to be snarky with that question. I'm just shocked to think that one couldn't be considered after all of the bad post-launch press.

MagicLebronJordan40d ago

The PC version of Cyberpunk was just fine. minor bugs but nothing game breaking. The console version will eventually get their once they dumb it down enough for that older hardware.

RgR40d ago

Well...I'm definitely disappointed in the awful why some ate that monumental hype like suckling babes.

When devs speak you gotta remove all the hyperbole until you actually see it in action.
When you see an amazing gotta wait until the actual gameplay demo.
When they say it's the biggest game they've ever throw that out the window since when would anyone make the smallest game they've ever made.
Ever since I heard peter molyneuax talk I've only ever been skeptical of game interviews and carefully curated e3 trailers as well as cinematic trailers.

Gamers have proven to be quite gullible. Must be a fresh new batch of em.

Heck cyberpunk removed wall running and climbing mechanics they previously mentioned the game would have and later on reverted on that...if that doesn't tell you to wait and see I don't know what does. If not being able to see footage of the game running on your platform doesn't tell you to wait and see....idk what does.

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gamer780440d ago

They both absolutely do. Tlou2 took great character and story and turned it to garbage while cyberpunk may have a great game underneath but was totally unplayable on Xbox one and ps4. I’d say they both go to the top of the list.

Kilua40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

Wonder how you would feel about tlou 2 if it were an Xbox exclusive. You sure as hell wouldnt be saying that about it^.

At least ND were bold enough to mix things up and take a completely different direction from the first game -One thing people cant say they are "disappointed about" is the acting and motion capture, which is arguably the best in industry- the gameplay was universally Praised too.

So in other words, it's disappointing because Joel died. Not because it's a bad game. It's definitely not a bad game.

outsider162440d ago

Played both..and Tlou2 definitely doesn't belong in most disappointing list. But since its his opinion..i have no problems. For me it was an incredible game start to finish.

As for Cyberpunk...mentioning it along side tlou2 is an insult to NDs game. Say what you will about Tlou2s story but everything else is highly polished quality game.

Elda40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

TLOU2 is a fabulous functional playable game!

KyRo40d ago

What?! You clearly missed the the whole premise of what TLOU2 was, either that you haven't played it and is being another sheep making noise about one of the greatest games ever told. Was it as good as the first? No, but it's still one of the greats that deserved every bit of acclaim the game received.

Krystof_Kage40d ago

Being bold isn't always a good thing. It's like giving credit to Game of Thrones for being bold in the final season.

TLOU2 is a masterpiece to some, atrocity to others. If anything, it's a deeply divided game that had a lot to live up to.

gamer780440d ago

@Kilua exclusivity has nothing to do with it... a bad game is a bad game (opinion piece remember). If you liked the story, good for you, i thought the writing and direction were awful in stark contrast with the original. Sure ND were bold, but bold doesn't equate to good...

gamer780440d ago

@outsider1624 story is critical to that type of game, and for me it failed on all fronts. If you liked it cool, but for me a giant disappointment.

RgR40d ago

Only that the cyberpunk thing is only applicable to fools that pre-ordered...

Even after all of the clear red flags.

CorndogBurglar39d ago

The big difference for me is that TLOU2 was a nearly perfectly made game. If someone doesn't like the story, I get it. But I'm not sure how anyone can put a nearly perfectly made game that only had a contraversial story in the same category as games like Cyberpunk and Avengers.

Cyberpunk and Avengers were games we had been waiting many years for, just like TLOU2, except they released in horrible states. Cyberpunk was barely playable on half its platforms and had multiple features that were either broken, or removed altogether. Its the epitome of disappointing.

And no one even knew for sure what kind of game Avengers would even be until months before launch. It also released with many bugs and glitches (not to the extent of Cyberpunk, but still), a gigantic lack of content, boring gameplay, pretty much no endgame, terrible enemy variety, only 3 bosses, meaningless loot with stat upgrades that also felt meaningless, and the audacity to have a microtransaction store on top of all of that.

How someone can put a nearly perfectly made game with a story they didn't like in the same category as those two is very much beyond me.

gamer780439d ago

@corndog. Cause it’s an opinion piece. I would argue cyberpunk is better off than tlou2 cause about 50% of people that played it didn’t like the story. That’s huge and something that is not fixable with patches. Still because cyberpunk was not playable on a couple of the platforms at launch this puts that in the list but yah it’s two very different problems

CorndogBurglar39d ago

I mean, I can't argue with you. What you're saying makes sense and is sound. I guess it just comes down to what is more important to the individual.

I'll be the first to admit that while I like a good story in my games, its not a priority for me. If the game is well made with great gameplay and is fun, then I will always consider it a good game, despite the story being good or not. That probably comes from the fact that I'm and older gamer and remember the times when most games didn't even really have a story outside of the summary in the game manual lol. Hell, even the old NES Legend of Zelda games didn't really have any story in the actual game itself. It was all told in like 10 pages in the manual and then it was just up to you to beat Ganon at the end.

Either that, or the fact that I don't consider most stories to be very good in video games anyway. Most are just there, but they aren't all that great, honestly. There are a lot of good ones, but compared to the total amount of video games there are? Most are pretty standard fare.

gamer780439d ago

That’s fair corn dog, I’m an old gamer too, change is hard :) thats probabaly why I had a harder time with tlou2 changing. Thanks for the respectful response

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onemanwolfp4kv240d ago

I played Cyberpunk on Series X and had a pretty good time with it. Lots of bugs but nothing game breaking with my experience, but IMO, not that mine means more than the next person, it was disappointing compared to what we were shown. Probably won't do a second play through until next gen patch comes out.

MasterChief362440d ago

Last of Us 2 I agree, but Cyberpunk? Are you... um... hm...

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Relientk7741d ago

Warcraft III: Reforged came out so early last year that I forgot it even came out in 2020.

Duke1940d ago

Lol at TLOU2 being compared to the broken POS that is Cyberpunk for disappointing game of the year.

Those 2 don’t belong anywhere near each other

P_Bomb40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

One seemingly leads in GOTY nods, the other got pulled from a digital storefront and started refundgate. Hmm...

Duke1940d ago

Seriously, it was one of the single most polished games I played this year. People that completely trashed it because they didn’t like the story are out of their minds imo

coolbeans40d ago

Considering how underwhelming the avg. game critic is to the game community, why should # of GOTY nods amount to much?

P_Bomb40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

Something to read on the loo? lol!

gamer780439d ago

Different problems. But atleast one of them is fixable...

WillyC00913d ago

Couldn’t agree more. TLOU2 being on here is comical considering all the awards it won. It was my personal game of the year followed closely by Ghotst of Tsushima.

waverider40d ago

Its an opinion, but putting there TLOU2 is just stupid. Even if you dont like the story, it wasnt one of the most disapointing games of 2020. Of course that for everybody that wanted another pink story..., but in that reality the story makes perfect sense. Sooner or later you will pay the price of what you did. This was the only game last year able to move me in terms of emotions. beside that, it got next gen graphics and runs without problems on PS4 (OG). Just crazy.

Kilua40d ago

I 100% agree with you. People who say the plot is stupid / Abby dumb / ND screwed up, etc. clearly didn't understand what happened /the significance of the ending of the first game. Or maybe they forgot what Joel did to save Ellie.

Tlou 2 has the best motion capture and voice acting i've ever seen in a video game.

waverider40d ago

Agree. The other side of the coin. I like Joel but what he did... Beside the fact that he could have doomed the human race. Spock got one iconic phrase about that...

-Foxtrot40d ago

"Or maybe they forgot what Joel did to save Ellie"

You mean save a little girl from getting her brain cut open, killing her without her consent when the Fireflies didn't even know if it could work, playable audio recordings showing it's failed before. Then there was how they could mass produce it or if they'd play nice and distribute it freely rather than using it against a bargaining tool to further there cause.

Lets not forget this is after Joel was trying to give Ellie mouth to mouth when she nearly drowned but the Fireflies knocked him out anyway, then decided to treat him like shit despite bringing Ellie to them, didn't give him his reward, was going to kill him, then basically did when they tried to send him off without any of his guns or supplies.

Joel saving Ellie is totally justified and TLOU2 trying to retcon it to make the Fireflies, who were terrorists basically, look like complete saints, isn't going to change my mind on that one.

RgR40d ago

Joel did what any reasonable person who knows anything about science would have done.

First of all you take the oath not to harm.
Secondly there is 0 gurantee it would even work.
Third, wake the girl up and tell her up front. Ellie was already willing to do it.
You think that someone close to anyone would've let them be killed on a table? Wouldn't want to be friends with that guy in an apocalypse.

kimbomma140d ago


"Joel saving Ellie is totally justified and TLOU2 trying to retcon it to make the Fireflies, who were terrorists basically, look like complete saints, isn't going to change my mind on that one."

Where in TLOU2 were the Fireflies portrayed as "saints"? You must not understand that TLOU2 portrays all it's characters as being morally grey (accept for the Rattlers). They in no way show the Fireflies as being all good as Jerry even comments on all the "horrific acts" they've committed in order to reach their goal of saving humanity. They also never said Joel is outright wrong for saving Ellie, but they portrayed that every choice has consequences and while Joel is the hero in his own eyes he's equally the villain from the perspective of someone else.

"You mean save a little girl from getting her brain cut open, killing her without her consent when the Fireflies didn't even know if it could work, playable audio recordings showing it's failed before."

It failed before on previous patients because they weren't immune they were simply infected but still displayed aggression as do all people infected and in the process of turning. This is what happens when you think you know what you're talking about but in actuality you really don't. I suggest you go listen to that recording again!

RgR40d ago (Edited 40d ago ) matter the immunity. It still wouldn't be guaranteed.

There was no guarantee it would work. Science isn't that easy. If that were the case we'd have a cure for cancer from all those people that magically recovered. Or from perfectly healthy people that have never had cancer although they were exposed to all the same shit everywhere.

RgR40d ago

.....except only certain characters pay the price....

And what the heck does paying the price have anything to do with the last of us world and story. It's a generic story that is poorly executed..albeit with nice graphics and gameplay....still waiting on the mutliplayer

kimbomma139d ago

How is the story poorly executed? Are there plot holes, wild changes in character behavior, or points in which it gives meaningless filler? How is the story generic exactly?

XabiDaChosenOne40d ago

The Last Of Us 2 had Great, Graphics, Gameplay, Sound design (for the most part) and almost glitch free. But that story was so garbage it almost negates all the positives of the game. Even with being able to skip cut scenes the game is a drag to playthrough again. The Narrative of the game is a FAIL. Everything else is pretty good though.

Redemption-6440d ago

Disagree, but to each their own.

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