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Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe is fun and a solid entry into the franchise, but I doubt many folks will find it entertaining past a rental. Casual players will punch through the storyline before burning out after getting stumped by one or two Kombo Challenges, while Mortal Kombat fans will have trouble accepting the toned down Fatalities and somewhat slower gameplay. In short, this game's fun, but its legs probably can't carry it beyond the whole "Wow, Batman's fighting Superman" first impression.

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Danja3627d ago

I was actually expectting a score like this , Midway really knows how to kill a good Franchise...all these years the MK Franchise was rated"M"..and it sold millions so I dont see the sense in trying to tone down the game just becuase they want to get a Teen rating hoping it will supposedly make the game sell more..

im gonna rent it...and try it out...but im still waiting on MK8...the true next gen MK game..the fatalities I dont even know if I can still call them Fatalities are just LAME.!

P4KY B3627d ago

7.5 is not bad.

From the videos I've seen I expected 5/10 at best.

barom3627d ago

If people won't buy this and only rent. There might never be a MK8.

Sarcasm3626d ago

7.5 is a lot higher than I expected. I might actually play this one.

Rick Astley3626d ago

That makes no damn sense whatsoever. I'm sure that by know Ed Boon and all the idiots over at Midway know that no one's looking forward to this because:

1. It's not a real MK game.
2. It's not rated M.
3. MK VS DC. 'Nuff said.

Rock Bottom3626d ago

7.5 is too high of a score for an MK game without prober fatalities.

Horny3626d ago

It wasnt there choice to have it rated T, DC wanted it that way.
Regardless people will buy it because it has superman and batman.

barom3626d ago

I'm not sure how your comment relates to mine. But this could be Midway's last game if it doesn't do well. Financally Midway is doing really really bad. So yeah, this might be the last of MK you'll ever see, if it doesn't sell well that is.

Surviver3626d ago

Ha ya.

What a lame idea first of all.

like a DC fighting game by itslef would be ok but wow this just looks..
like a mediocre cop out

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byeGollum3627d ago (Edited 3627d ago )

Edit: wrong topic

Immortal Kaim3627d ago

Definitely not a bad score, interestingly, more than the I expected. Though not my 'cup of tea' (sorry I have English Parents) I can actually see this selling quite well, especially with the DC license and teen rating.

MiloGarret3626d ago

Unexpected indeed, and yes, unfortunately this abomination will sell quite well. Disgusting, an insult to countless coins spent on arcades as a kid.

3626d ago
TheColbertinator3626d ago

Its a rental but playing as the Joker will be sweet

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