Don't Fear the Reapers: Why Mass Effect 3 is the Game of the Decade

From Cinelinx:

As the decade comes to a close, I make the case for why Bioware's Mass Effect 3 deserves the moniker of Best of the Decade.

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darklordzor52d ago

Would LOVE to replay this series on the Switch. Alas....

Gamehard52d ago

I'd love a trilogy release on any current gen system really... And maybe a slight touch up on part 1, both graphics and gameplay. I just recently played it again on console and it was a bit rough around the edges lol.

Christopher51d ago

Yeah, no to updates to ME1 gameplay. I much prefer the full on RPG design, but I'm not asking for ME2 and ME3 to be changed to mimic that. Please respect the game that allowed us to have 2 and 3 rather than trying to change it to something else.

Gamehard51d ago


I didn't mean change how it plays or take away from the RPG elements, just make the animations smoother and the controls more responsive is what I meant.

2pacalypsenow52d ago

You can play it on almost every console Ps3, Xbox 360, Xbox one, PC.

The Wii U has number 3.

Id rather get a remaster over a switch port.

King_Noctis52d ago

Me too. Release it on all system so everyone can play/replay this classic.

+ Show (1) more replyLast reply 51d ago

Enjoying the trilogy right now using an amazing MOD called ALOT, it is feels like a 4K remastered version. Such a wonderful game.

2pacalypsenow52d ago

The texture mods are excellent.

Army_of_Darkness52d ago

Absolutely not. This game can't even touch horizon zero dawn let alone the last of us... Hell, it can't even beat ME2!

King_Noctis52d ago

The first two games set up the saga nicely for the third installment. The Mass Effect series has some of best space stories/drama I had ever seen. I might dare to even say it is the Star Wars of video game.

AspiringProGenji52d ago

Yeah, too bad the ending fked everything. And the Extended cut did explain some stuff but it is still not the ending that was promised

Tiqila52d ago

It's better than star wars

milohighclub51d ago

The 3rd was the worst In the series.

Poopmist52d ago

Yeah ME2, but I think it's easily better than HZD

LordoftheCritics52d ago

HZD is a snorefest in comparison.

Gahl1k51d ago

At least HZD has an engaging gameplay unlike this barebones third-person shooter novel.

2pacalypsenow52d ago

Mass effect 2 is my game of the decade.

ClayRules201252d ago

The Last of Us is my game of the decade. I loved Mass Effect 2 tho! Such a wonderful gaming experience!

Ripsta7th52d ago

this game felt rushed AF halway through, the last 5 hours especially and the ending

Sophisticated_Chap52d ago

They fixed the ending, get over it already.

AspiringProGenji52d ago

No they didn’t. All it did was to add more and fix the Mass relays exploding and screwing the entire galaxy

Christopher51d ago

No, they didn't. Your choices still were pretty much ignored by the endings. Biggest difference was EDI dead or not.

porkChop52d ago

The game was great and stands toe-to-toe with ME2. The ending wasn't what people expected. Boo hoo. I've seen far worse endings than that, it really wasn't that bad.

AspiringProGenji52d ago (Edited 52d ago )

It wasn’t that bad, it was worse. what ending has the entire universe of a game screwed? ME2 stablished that the destruction of a mass relay means the destruction for an entire system, yet they writers didn’t peer review their shit. The game was rushed and the ending was nonsensical. How was that ending not as bad?

Rebel_Scum52d ago

What was bad was how they tried patching the ending with the extended cut. Shouldve left it as it was.

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The story is too old to be commented.