Peeking Inside Insomniac: A Conversation With Ted Price

Insomniac CEO Ted Price has commented on some of the advantages and disadvantages of its long, exclusive relationship with Sony, in an interview with Gamasutra. While talking about multiplatform development, Price said, "We see the other side too. We see great games that are multiplatform and succeeding wildly, and doing great, and that too is a fantastic place to be."

Of course, Insomniac has historically been a Sony mainstay. "For the last ten years or so, we have been working very closely with Sony," Price said. "I mean, people ask me all the time, 'so, do you consider going multiplatform? What are the drawbacks?'" He says that one benefit of exclusivity is that the company's games "tend to be associated with the hardware -- but that could be a drawback too." He cites the original Resistance: Fall of Man as an example of this kind of product association. "We did get a lot of additional exposure simply because it was synonymous with the PlayStation 3," he said. "It's hard to break into the genre; and it's cool that we were able to do it with a brand new entry."

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trancefreak3626d ago

awesome interview and alot of thoughts are left to ponder.

kurochi3626d ago

just sounds like a decent good guy doing what he loves to do. He really believes in their values and has been open with criticism from others. Can't wait for their next game!

Lucreto3626d ago

It is going to be Ratchet next year and then Resistance 3. Then possibly a new IP.