Play Review - Spider-Man: Web of Shadows

Play-mag: "Owing to its character movement and its slick combat system, Web Of Shadows will initially feel like a return to form for Marvel's quiptalking webslinger. We say 'initially' because, sadly, the good is occasionally marred by a camera struggling to meld the Spider-Man swinging gracefully through the air and the Spider-Man sticking to buildings. The camera's constant arsing about will frustrate at times, particularly towards the later part of the game where you'll be continually juggling fights in the air, on the ground and up walls.

The game also suffers from an issue plaguing many sandbox games, where the focus seems to be on the protagonist and his actions rather than the city and its denizens. Essentially, everything's set on one big level, so missions soon seem very similar and after a few hours everything starts to feel lazy."

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