Tekken 6 Trailer

Here is the full version of the Tekken 6 trailer.

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bernie6550d ago

Correct me if I'm wrong, but we are eventually going to have some Gameplay in these games, right?

Gh0stDrag0n6549d ago

I think the PS3 is a movie player, Sony will hype everyone like they did with "emotion engine" I think the reason we havn't seen any real gameplay is because the PS3 can't handle good graphics and gameplay at the same time.
When the PS3 finally comes out everyone who baught one will put their first game in and watch a 1/2 hour long CGI and think "WOW this is AWESOME!" then the game will start and players will throw their controllers at their HDTVs!

AuburnTiger6549d ago

Ok Dragon that was like the most uneducated assumption I’ve heard all week. It's easy to judge something especially when other people hate on the ps3 simply because they don’t want to out do the 360. To me, on paper the ps3 looks like awesome competition for the xbox, but I will make my own judgments on the new Sony console when I get my hands on it.

Gh0stDrag0n6549d ago (Edited 6549d ago )

I really hope the PS3 lives up to the hype, But I am tired of all the BS from Sony. And I have not seen anything playable yet. There has to be something, Sony needs to show their stuff and stop with all the "PS3 can do this and that" speach. If the PS3 can do all they say, GREAT! Sign me up! But at least show me something solid.

Anyway, I did not assume anything. I only stated my opinion.

"opinions are like A$$h0le$, everybody has one"

OutLaw6549d ago

It's hard to think about buying a PS3 when I haven't seen not one good game being played on it. These cinemas are very disappointing when there is no gameplay behind them. Games like this and Metal Gear has been nothing more than movies. There is no gameplay in either of them.

achira6549d ago (Edited 6549d ago )

last year it was the same with the xbox360, so please stop complaining. there are many games that were playable, more than xbox360 had at this time !!!

OutLaw6549d ago

I haven't seen not one game played on the PS3. I wish I had, especially games like this and Metal Gear. But not one and I don't want to get into that whole Dev Kit problem. Sony hasn't shown anything about what the PS3 could do.

FamoAmo6549d ago

Actully MS had playable Demo's at E3 last year and also the trailers were gameplay.. With the system launching in Nov. There should be gameplay and that for sure. You know what it is? It's that Sony hasn't got the console to run like the 360 and produce 360 style graphics!! Sony hasn't figured out how to utilize it without it taking a sh!t on them!!! Also even the cgi Sony is showing doesn't look as good as Mass Effect or GOW!! Achira I hate to break it to you but your waiting for an over hyped POS!! MS had the best machine last time and they do this time.. But this time MS has the better games also!!

AuburnTiger6549d ago

Man, do you really think that, or did some 11 year old give you that intel? These forums are supposed to have your opinions and view of the article, not your BS theories.

FamoAmo6548d ago

The "360 style graphics" What I meant is that the ps3 has crap a@@ graphics all the screens look like crap if they aren't cgi!!! B/C right now the ps3 can barely produce ps2 graphics without it taking a sh!t!! And my point to the video/article is that why CGI again.. Doesn't Sony have any in game screens? I knwo they showed some a while back and everyone bashed them saying not next gen... So Star whats the deal?

AuburnTiger6547d ago

Well the ps3 has another 5 months before there release so we will see what they can accomplish in that time. I anticipate over the next month or so we will definitely see some in game. I would say the killzone 2 trailer was in game but then I would get banned from living.

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Fuzz McDeath6549d ago

This PS3 thing is freaking me out. Every once and a while I see something (a screen or vid) that makes me say - WOW. But more often then not, I'm underwelmed. Almost to the point that not only do I think these first ps3 games will be no more advanced visually than 360 games, but actually worse (and by the way, of course launch ps3 games should look as good as 2nd gen 360 games, they are being developed simultaneously on similar hardware - that's how technology works).

Back on the subject, I was just looking at some captures from the 15 minute MGS4 video and meh...I'm not saying it looks bad, it looks good, real good. But nothing like the hype built it up to be. The Art design is interesting, but tech-wise, the environments look like GR:AW and the character models look fine, but not mind blowing. Again, great looking but not spit-take inducing.

And this one? I hope that trailer is not indicative of what this game will really look like. Cause the visual fidelity on display in that video is on par with DOA3 (that's right 3 - on the original XBOX). Not impressed at all.

I'm not trying ot be a troll or a hater, just sharing my thoughts...

Wuz Ranger6549d ago

It looks a little PS2ish to me. Just becuase you show a few parts in slow motion doesn't mean a darn thing. PS3 is going to self disctruct soon!!!!

shoota336549d ago

too bad your xbox 1.5 has already self disctructed so you have to come here and hate on ps3

Fuzz McDeath6549d ago (Edited 6549d ago )

Although I don't disagree with your sentiment (It almost hurts to type that), I have to assume you are replying to Wuz Ranger's silly post (Although I too am not blown away by the graphics in the trailer, even I know its heads and shoulders above PS2).

Next time, post as a reply so it threads properly.

P.S. Can we stop with the "your xbox 1.5 burned down your house" nonsense? That has become the "console wars" equivalent of "I know you are but what am I?!". High end electronics crammed into tiny, attractive boxes are going to have heat problems - we'll see how the PS3 does when it arrives (notice I avoided the too-easy "when/if it arrives" comeback - that's called taking the higher ground lol)

clayton6548d ago

Please, not mine, I'm playing next-gen games while your are playing will your peni$. The PS3 will not be able to produce better visuals than the 360 keep dreaming, if you look around a bit, people that actually know about the technology said you won't be able to tell the difference. Retard