The Perfect Roster for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale 2

Jacob St-Amour from Link-Cable Writes: "PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale wasn’t the smash hit that Sony had thought it would have been, but was still able to find its footing with many dedicated fans still hoping for a new title to eventually come out. If a new entry in the series is to ever make its way on either the PS4 or on the upcoming PS5, there would certainly need an overhaul with its roster of combatants. With 16 returning characters, eight new first-party fighters as well as six third-party newcomers, we’ve completed an exciting new roster for a potential sequel to PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale."

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way2fonky405d ago

bobby hill, tucan sam, lizzy mcguire

specialguest405d ago

Count Chocula, Grimlock, Adam Sandler, Gargamel, Stimpy

UnSelf404d ago

Wordsworth, Quagmire, Alfred Pennyworth, King Vitamin, Cicada 3301

gangsta_red404d ago

He-Man, Bullwinkle, Robert DeNiro, Chuck E Cheese

Majin-vegeta405d ago

Switch out Ellie & Atreus for Deacon & someone else

Xaevi405d ago

Is it me or is PSAS gaining buzz lately? I'd like to see a sequel to this and another Mod Nation Racers

ThatArtGuy405d ago

Modnation was a good game that was just killed by loading times. That would be a non-issue now.

AK91405d ago

Please use the percentage counter for finishing off opponents this time around.

Platformgamer405d ago

no, i find it boring and childish, the killing mechanic was perfect

goldwyncq405d ago

They would be better off making a deal with Nintendo to have their characters on Smash Ultimate because let's face it: there's no way they could possibly surpass it and accusations of Sony ripping it off would just come out again like last time.

Platformgamer405d ago

and PSAS wasn't even a ripoff, it had just the same fighting genre of smash bros, the rest was different.

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