Here is what a next-gen remake of Banjo Kazooie could look like

DSOGaming writes: "3D artist 'Jaime A Garcia' has released some screenshots, showing what a next-gen remake of Banjo-Kazooie could look like."

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Juusterey23d ago

Hopefully made by better people than the last few rare games

UltraNova21d ago

This IP needs to be developed by people who really care about it. It needs passion above all else. MS needs a super platformer of their own and this IP is it, they'll just have to really believe in it first.

BlackIceJoe23d ago

Hopefully someone at Microsoft will listen to the fans and finally bring out a real third game, over the spin-off they Gave a few years ago with Nuts & Bolts. Microsoft brought back Killer Instinct and a new Banjo Kazooie would be great. I can see it easily being a huge hit if it launches with the next Xbox too. I do wonder who will bring it out, because Rare wants to work on new games. Maybe Microsoft would create a new studio to make it and I'd support that because Microsoft needs more first party studios.

Apocalypse Shadow22d ago (Edited 22d ago )

That looks pretty good. This game should have already been made as a counter to Mario Odyssey, Ratchet and Clank, Crash, Spyro and Astrobot. Instead of Sea of Thieves. Or, to make up for the "release" of Sea of Thieves.

ZiggyZeg21d ago

They should re use the smash ultimate models, and maybe make them a bit better for the next gen

AngainorG7X21d ago

They should outsource this IP and other IPs like Conker and Kameo to Nintendo or Playtonic and make a deal to keep it only on Xbox, W PC and Switch.

FlyingFoxy21d ago

That's what they should do, I wonder why MS even bother to keep the rights to these games if they don't even do anything with them.. pointless.

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