5.0 Game Life Review: Banjo-Kazooie - Pretty, But Boring

Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts lets you construct an endless array of wacky custom vehicles out of a thousand virtual building blocks. But what does it matter, when all you can do with them is play a lame videogame?

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RPG Guy3630d ago

is the only thing exclusive worth a SQUAT on the 360 this holiday.

Fox013630d ago

You call yourself "RPG Guy" and you forget to mention Fable 2. And there's also Left 4 Dead.

GiantEnemyCrab3630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

There is plenty worth playing on the Xbox 360. You seem to forget about the catalog of games the 360 has. If it's not new it's not worth buying? Fable 2, Left4Dead and Stoked are still on my list for the 360. PS3 has what this holiday? LBP? If you are judging games on scores then I guess so.

Anyway, this game seems to be a love/hate. It's gotten some great scores and I expect nothing less from this Chris Kohler dude. I trust his opinion as much as I trust a blind and deaf persons when it comes to video games. He scores all Xbox games low.

elorm93630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

Left for Dead is on PC also, and supposedly the PC version is better.


How come I haven't seen you trolling the recent news posts about KZ2, and the PS3 gaining ground on the Xbox?

sonarus3630d ago

its obvious opinions on banjo will be split...sort of like Too Human was...regardless though L4D doesn't seem all that to me...i will download the demo on the PC to check it out and if its good i'll rent but i can't say i am anticipating it

3630d ago
sonarus3630d ago

I just wish you clowns would stop bagging on socom without actually playing it...its an awesome military shooter even with the glitches and with the updates it will only get better.

I would take Socom over gears multiplayer anyday

Danja3630d ago

I agree with Sonarus , funny to see ppl talking crap bout Socom even though they haven't played it, which is why when PS3 fanboys dog Gears nothing should be said...

and doesn't Gears have glitches also..? Socom got patched and it's works well now and with future updates it's gonnabe the best online Tatical shooter without a doubt even though it already is..^.^..

psnDevistator3563630d ago

Game Ever!!!

Watch Your back Gears.

Sarcasm3630d ago


You wouldn't happen to be the exact same Sonarus playing Killzone 2 beta and killed me would you?

phosphor1123629d ago

I can't stand it when people COMPLETELY disregard that L4D is also on PC. Its NOT exclusive no matter what way you try to use reason. It's NOT. GAHH

Kleptic3629d ago

why is stuff like this constantly going on in the gamer zone? need to keep the safety on in the open zone, that is why its there...but this zone seems to be switched to full auto just as often...

L4D, being available on the PC or not, is irrelevant...the game will be awesome...lame Source graphics or not...the game will be awesome...No one will buy it for PC anyway...Game for Windows Live or whatever that xbl knock off is sucks...anyone that cares about playing the game online will get it for the 360, as people will actually be able to play the game with friends rather than constant PC gaming constantly reminds us, its retardedly complicated to keep track of friends when nothing is unified...

I do see how some would lash out at 360 users because of this was the 'LBP killer' everyone shouted about all year...and it apparently sucks...anyone that follows anything related to Rare understands that the by out a decade ago resulted in the company completely changing...its not the same Rare...the games Rare makes will not be the same...ever...

but yeah...Fable 2, Gears 2, and L4D will easily keep the 360 fanbase happy this season...I have no idea why one 360 user would have been excited about this game anyway...its a casual game for a hardcore audience...and MS is going to have to change a whole lot more than price, and offering one poor game to casual gamers, to change that user base...

MS may be losing the casual market like crazy to Nintendo, but so is Sony...and if MS is serious about Sony being their only real competition right now...they are more than set for the next few months...Killzone 2 is the only game on Sony's horizon to drastically change that...

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Spike473630d ago

Actually you can get R2 too, which is as good to say the least. So you have one game that has scored better than all xbox360 exclusives this year which are only 3 with 2 being AAA, you can still get MGS4 which has scored impressively, and you can get M2.

EITHER WAY, I'm a fair person, and this review smells biased, I would understand a 7.0 or 7.5, but 5.0???

elorm93630d ago

Wired magazine sure is harsh about their reviews.

ZombieNinjaPanda3630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

Come on now, it's a banjo game, had to have scored better than that?

I was hoping this game would score good, just because..well it's banjo.

Edit: I do see his reasoning though, the old platforming/puzzle gone = lame banjo.

BanjoKazooieFTW3630d ago

Wired can go jump off a cliff, there's no way this game can score that low. They obviously have some kind of grudge or hate against rare and microsoft.
Just because of the game's art, humor and intuitivness, there is NO WAY it can score that low.
Ugh, please people don't listen to this review...

ZombieNinjaPanda3630d ago

Yeah, I just find it hard to believe A banjo game would score that low.

Erotic Sheep3630d ago

Well see it this way.. if Gears of War 3 stepped away from its original formula and became a dancing game.. would you rate it the same? It's understandable reviewers are dissapointed by the new Banjo because it's not even a glimpse of the perfect platformer it used to be.

DiabloRising3630d ago

"Wired can go jump off a cliff, there's no way this game can score that low. They obviously have some kind of grudge or hate against rare and microsoft.
Just because of the game's art, humor and intuitivness, there is NO WAY it can score that low.
Ugh, please people don't listen to this review..."

Many people say that about many games on both systems. Why is it any different here? Because YOU like it? Reviews are opinions. Don't let the reviewer's influence yours.

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