Fatality: Games That Killed Their Franchises (Or At Least Put Them On A Long Hiatus)

Phil writes, "Sometimes all it takes is one game to make a long-running or promising franchise become dead in the water, maligned to irrelevancy and just a memory in the annals of gaming history. It's a dog-eat-dog industry where it doesn't matter if the franchise has been around for ages or for milliseconds--just one or two failures and you're done. That's the case with these franchises, all of which I'm sad to see are currently nowhere to be found. Whether any of these will return for a kick-ass comeback or not is up in the air, but what is known is that for many, these franchises met truly unfortunate ends."

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PiNkFaIrYbOi1975d ago

For Tony Hawk's Pro Skater really the first 3 were really the only good ones. After that they sort of went downhill.

Skull5211975d ago

Biggest shame I think is SOCOM. Easily Sony’s best franchise by a long shot and they just let it die.

BlackIceJoe1974d ago

I was going to say SOCOM too. That was one of the best strategy games on the market and then Sony turned it Into a normal shooter.

Dabigsiebowski1973d ago

I thought Underground was pretty good

Segata1975d ago

Klonoa was great but released at a bad time on just 1 system with no marketing. Razors Edge fixed many issues with NG3 vanilla and is a guilty pleasure. Another one that killed a franchise is Lost Planet 3. The better game was Japan only in EX Troopers on PS3. I also would say Marvel vs Capcom Infinite killed the series. I know it's less than a year old but the writing is on the wall. Silent Hill series as soon as Konami gave it to western devs and also made mobile spinoffs.

CorndogBurglar1974d ago (Edited 1974d ago )

With all the licensing effort it takes to make an MvC game you are probably right.

Which sucks because people love MvC. Bad decisions were made with the last one, that's all. But I guarantee if they made a new MvC and put a good roster in with 3 man teams and no easy mode combos then people would go right back to it.

Unfortunately, most companies won't be willing to make another sequel as soon as the latest title flops. Even though MvC Infinite wouldn't have flopped if they had just made different decisions.

81BX1975d ago

Nice try buddy. Then why have they made 1,000,000,000,000,000. Games? Cod has never gotten it wrong...over and over and over.

FPS_D3TH1974d ago

Never gotten it wrong? I guess in terms of how to get kids to steal money out of parents wallets. It’s done plenty wrong lol

81BX1974d ago

Lol. Little money grabbers! I remember when paying for map packs was a big deal. Now we have to pay for everything. This is crazy

REDGUM1974d ago

It's all well and good saying COD sells well, which I don't deny, but that doesn't make it a good game. It merely means people want more of the same,game play, as you put it, over and over and over!

If it's so good, why are more people playing Battlefield 4 over the more current COD releases!

People impulse buy i recon, pre order a game before it's been shown to the public then just stick with it when it releases hoping for change!

I Find COD games much of the same with every release which is why I'd call id a dying franchise.
These kids will grow up soon and realise there's more out there than just corridor shooting games.

It's just an opinion afterall.

DialgaMarine1975d ago (Edited 1975d ago )

When has CoD died or gone on hiatus though? You may not like them, but tens of millions of people do, and buy it every year. People seriously need to shut up and leave that franchise alone. It’s not hurting anyone, and the whining is seriously getting old.

T2X1975d ago

I know right? Those games are always fun. At least IMO. The fun varies a bit depending on the location and theme, but overall, always pretty damn good.

81BX1974d ago (Edited 1974d ago )

Youre 100% wrong. They need to be called out just like every other company. That's why they returned to boots on ground. You let them treat you however they like... some of us chose to be treated how we like

DialgaMarine1974d ago

You say that as if I’m an avid CoD player. I don’t mind the series, but it’s definitely not my favorite. The bitching, however, was old back in 2010. 99% of people that do it only do so because they see others doing it. You don’t like CoD? Play something else. It’s not supposed to cater to fans of other franchises.

MWH1975d ago

I love Klonoa, there's always hope for a new game.

Pickledpepper1975d ago

I loved the dead space 1+2 hated 3. Played through them so many times but found number 3 such a bore to get through, really hope they pick this back up.

PowerOfTheCloud1975d ago (Edited 1975d ago )

Dead space 1 is imo unrivaled when it comes to horror games and part 2 was already kind of a let down by still good. I didn't even play part 3 because i didn't like the direction that game went.

Wish they will reboot dead space one day .

Pickledpepper1975d ago

I totally agree with you on that, dead space 1 was the pinnacle of survival horror and dead space 2 was still a great game, I have all achievements for 1 and 2 and both games still hold up well against modern games, 3 was a complete let down I did finish it just for satisfaction but had no fun from the game at all, found it very boring to say the least.

CorndogBurglar1974d ago

For me, the only reason Dead Space 2 wasn't as good as the original is because it wasn't new anymore. But when you think about it, DS2 was still just as good of a horror game. DS1 was so good because everything you came across was new and terrifying.

I remember the feeling the first time I played DS1. No other game, before or since, has given me that feeling that something is going to jump out and attack with every footstep you took. Talk about great atmosphere and tension!

REDGUM1974d ago

and the Resistance games franchise!

Fist4achin1975d ago

Agreed, plus I didn't care for what they did to the weapons crafting system.