Man of Medan – PS4 Pro vs PC vs Xbox One X Graphics Comparison, Frame Rate Test And More

Head to head comparison of PS4 Pro, Xbox One X and PC versions of Man of Medan.

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bluebenjamin1231d ago

The Pro version looks soft compared to the one x but the framerate is the same 30fps

akurtz1231d ago

Cuz it’s at a lower resolution, naturally.

Tech51231d ago (Edited 1231d ago )

@ 14:43 "looks and plays better than their earlier work."

interesting. I would have liked to see an in-depth analysis on the performance gains switching over engines.
probably DF will cover this. console versions are not too far apart from each other and PC.
PC version of course supports 4k textures and 60fps.

bishup251231d ago

the series has just begun, can't wait for the next chapter. takes place in a small town in the woods.
will be sure to check back with DF on the landscape and characters.

specialguest1231d ago

I got your back bluebenjamin. I'll tell it like it is. The PS4 Pro version is the worst graphically and that's a FACT. The video and the human eye don't lie.

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The_Sage1231d ago

There is not enough difference to make me consider spending money. I'll stick with what I've got until the next generation comes out.

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chrisoadamson1230d ago

I assume you watched an compressed 4kstream on a 4k TV