Which Dark Pictures Game is Better: Little Hope or Man of Medan?

Khayl writes: "The newest entry in The Dark Pictures Anthology, Little Hope, is available now, but how does it compare to Man of Medan?"

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Imp0ssibl3822d ago

Have still to play them...

melons822d ago

Little Hope, by a mile. MoM was borderline unplayable on a base PS4.

TricksterArrow821d ago (Edited 821d ago )

MoM is okay. Lots of hiccups, performance-wise. Story was decent, but extremely rushed, leaving the characters a bit on the surface level.

robtion822d ago

Until Dawn is so much more polished and complete. A great game.

robtion821d ago

Sure. That said. Same developer. Same type of game. Just that these two later entries are not as well done as the original.

Just sayin' is all ;)

jznrpg822d ago (Edited 822d ago )

I have Man of Medan but haven’t played it yet so no idea