If You Loved 'The Quarry,' Don’t Sleep on 'Man of Medan'

Man of Medan is a bite-sized treat for horror fans, even if it never reaches the heights of Supermassive's best titles.

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CrimsonWing69201d ago

Man of Medan is nowhere near as good as The Quarry.

curtain_swoosh200d ago

omg right? TQ was soooo good, i loved it

jordan22290ps201d ago

I actually downloaded this after it hit the PS catalog and my goodness was it awful lol. The acting and story telling in the first 30 minutes made me uninstall. I figured if it came out swinging that bad then I was all set

Profchaos201d ago

Yeah it doesn't really come out swinging until you get to the ship. It was the worst reviewed game of the dark anthology so far.

Their next game in the anthology was much better and is part of ps plus called little hope

Knightofelemia201d ago

Man of Medan felt dry and boring, Little Hope is much better then Man of Medan, even Until Dawn is better then Man of Medan.

Profchaos201d ago (Edited 201d ago )

Agree little hope was significantly better however I never felt my characters were in any real danger in little hope. In man of medan I get there was more points of failure / potential death. Have time say that I did actually e joy man of medans story in the end but it wasn't until the halfway point that I started liking it and it's characters but that's not unusual.

SIdepocket201d ago

Man of Medan was really quite boring for a horror game, it’s nowhere near as good as The Quarry.

babadivad201d ago

Seems like most people disagree with this title.

RosweeSon201d ago

Shame they couldn’t read it 🤷🏻‍♂️🤣 it’s not saying it’s a better game just Basically saying if you enjoyed the quarry check it out… or not ✌🏻🤣

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