WWE video games include playable queer wrestlers

WWE video games are incredible enough, but did you know that you can play as queer wrestlers? Here is some information about them!

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Dixiedevil1364d ago

Brings a whole new meaning to, “Oh my God! It’s a real slobber knocker in there!”

King_Noctis1364d ago (Edited 1364d ago )

I want my Gay, Bi, and Trans character as well. Add in a lesbian while you’re at it. And a pride flag for the game cover and all the in game arenas. And why stop there? Remove all the straight wrestlers from the game.

I wanna see a lesbian John Cena.

SierraGuy1364d ago

For once I agree w your sarcasm.

jjb19811364d ago

Can I play as the gay guy that identifies as a girl that identifies as a guy that had a sex change to be a girl that married a transgender lesbian though? If so, Day One!

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