WWE RPG Is Apparently in the Works, Confirmed by CEO Vince McMahon

A WWE RPG is apparently in development, as confirmed by CEO Vince McMahon in the company's latest financial earnings call.

Nitrowolf2396d ago

I hope not but wouldn’t be surprised

sourOG396d ago (Edited 396d ago )

He saw how hyped people were for wrestle quest. It’s outside the box and even people like me who aren’t big into wrestling are kinda hyped for it. McMahon lives inside the box he created and needs things like wrestle quest to jump start his battery. He will probably say it was his idea too.

CrimsonWing69396d ago

If this is turn-based I swear to god I’ll buy it.

Soy396d ago

This could be amazing, but will likely be some dumb mobile game. Not getting my hopes up.

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