PlayTM: Siren: Blood Curse Review

PlayTM writes: " 'Wow, this looks awesome,' exclaimed my girlfriend upon the first scene. We were watching a US film crew sneak up on sacrificial ritual in some god forsaken forest in the outback of Japan: a lady, restrained, is skewered and everyone goes mental; 'its like Lost, or summin' as a cut scene climaxes as dramatically and atmospherically as any TV show.

Siren: Blood Curse, isn't like most other games - it is a bit like other episodic titles, but it has its own panache even still. When it was released on the PSN back in June it was available as a part-by-part download, for a small fee (naturally), and you played through each admittedly short episode. Now though, you can pick it up in its full glory for the reasonable sum of twenty quid."

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Sackdude3630d ago

What a stupid fanboy review!

i have the game, and for 29$ ill give it at least a 9/10..

if you like classic horror games, then this game is Must buy!

Baba19063629d ago

i still think this is really really awesome. 80+ for sure un my eyes.