What Happened To PlayStation Exclusive Franchise Siren?

The series is missing in action for a decade. What the hell happened to it?

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InKnight7s417d ago

When we will get to know our free games of this month?

Maisay417d ago

I remember playing one of these games and it was freaky and looked good, but there was a problem for me getting into the game control/gameplay design wise. I forgot if it was the controls or what, but i remember it was confusing and frustrating. I wanted to get into it.
During the same time or so I played one of the Fatal Frame games. I liked that one and it did scare me.

Fun times.

monkey602417d ago

I'm a huge horror game fan and I absolutely hated Siren.
I found it cumbersome to play and felt like the chapters broke the immersion. I could never understand the praise it got all these years.

Maisay417d ago

Yes. It looked very good and it was interesting, but the gameplay design ruined it. It was confusing and frustrating to play.

TheRealTedCruz417d ago

Diamond in the rough would be an understatement.
The ideas behind the game, and the atmosphere, were great.
The gameplay was POORLY executed.

plmkoh417d ago (Edited 417d ago )

It is one of those games that if you persist and all the puzzles fall into place you will understand.

It is supposed to be frustrating because the game deals with multiple dimensions and time travel. That's why many original fans didn't like the 3rd game, because it was linear, although the presentation and atmosphere was fantastic as always.

Concertoine417d ago

I assume your talking about the original Siren. The atmosphere was amazing but yeah, it just wasnt fun (RE) or scary (Silent Hill).

Siren Blood Curse came closer to hitting the series’ potential but the reason you probably wont see Siren anytime soon is because Gravity Rush is way more popular.

If you ask me they should revisit the series after PT left a giant gaping hole in gamers’ hearts. Its a cool IP.

monkey602417d ago

I also remember throat croaking music wrecking my head ha

I love Gravity Rush but 2 didn't sell extremely well did it? Aren't they even trying to shut down the online functions to reduce costs.

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himdeel417d ago

This game was so good on PS3. Scary good!

The_Hooligan417d ago

Yup it sure was. My pitch to Sony would be to hire Kojima after he is done with Death Stranding to work on Siren along with Guillermo del toro. Since they were going to make P.T., a scary game, this would be a good fit for them.

ravinash417d ago

I think the last thing you would want to do is dictate what Kojima does.
He's only just got out of a situation where bosses were trying to control what he is doing.

The_Hooligan414d ago

@ ravinash
Well I am sure Sony would give him all the creative freedom though and not dictate what he do like Konami did.

Legatus417d ago (Edited 417d ago )

Ahhhh good, old PS2 days, still have nightmares because of it tho, but man, loved every second playing it nevertheless. Awesome horror game and would love if Sony go back to it someday.

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