PS Plus June 2016 Games Are Now Available For Download On PS3, PS4 And Vita

PS Plus users can now download the free games for the month of June 2016 on their PS3, PS4 and PS Vita.

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2pacalypsenow1800d ago

Downloading NBA 2k16 as I write

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_-EDMIX-_1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

O_O 2pacalypsenow gaming set up is LEGIT!


Sloth-Eater_1800d ago

Yes. Just noticed this and started the download. I'm a noob at those games, so feel free to add me. Username is same as on here.

Deadpooled1800d ago

Anyone else notice the install time to install everything in the game going reaaaaaaaaaaaaaally slow? I've spent two hours on quick game cleveland cavaliers vs the warriors and the "copying game, some features are not available" only on 52% :(

Kavorklestein1799d ago

You forgot to take the sticker off of your Xbox One,
ya know, the one under the disc drive?
My friends all forgot to take theirs off too. It looks way better without the stupid blackish grey bar of a sticker there.
Especially since you have the white model of XB1

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potedude1800d ago

Siren Blood Curse was quite fun, worth a play through....

NapalmSanctuary1800d ago

I'm gonna have to check that out. Lately I've been buying up a lot of ps2 horror games that I missed back in the day and this just falls in my lap.

AG66861800d ago

Been Available for nearly a day already..

Eidolon1800d ago

It released today for me around 2pm CST

CrimzonRazor1800d ago

always release first tuesday of the month around 2 cst not sure how someone would get it sooner then that

OB1Biker1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

I was playing them yesterday (in UK). About 18hours ago
Downloaded the PS4 games around 12 noon London time

Eidolon1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

Hmm... 18hrs ago is 7AM CST. so 7 hours before.

Deadpooled1800d ago

OBBiker they were available in the UK yesterday at the usual 5pm PlayStation store refresh time lol.

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AG66861800d ago

You're all a bunch of morons...

KingofGambling1800d ago

I got a question for my ps plus friends. Are you guys missing some past ps plus games in your library? I remember I downloaded raymen legend and mgs ground zero, but I deleted them for spaces.

hells_supernova1800d ago

That's strange. I somehow got mgs ground zero and I didn't download it at the time as I didn't have plus. Really thought it was strange

KingofGambling1800d ago

Some of my ps plus games are missing in my library.

WeAreLegion1800d ago

It's a bug. Should be resolved soon. They are aware of it.

Hk85karlsson1800d ago

Sometimes when I check under the tab "games" on PS4 I miss a few games.
Check under "all application and games" (or whatever it's called), instead.

nevin11800d ago

Can you play GOW on PSP?

Kaneki-Ken1800d ago

Yes since it's for both PSP and PSVITA( psp version)

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The story is too old to be commented.