Final Fantasy VIII Remaster Seems to be Censored

In honor of Final Fantasy VIII Remaster releasing next week, Dengeki Online released some images that some eagle eye fans noticed are slightly different than the original.

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-Foxtrot1782d ago

Oh for the love of God *sigh*

It's hard to go against censorship like this because when it's really about censoring in general, it's going to end up coming off your mad because you didn't get to see a little peep of Siren vagina.

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Prince-Ali1781d ago

Censorship will ALWAYS be annoying! But when censorship that doesn't add or take anything away from the medium isn't an issue! THAT'S why scenarios like this will ALWAYS come across as you dont get to see 'boobies, P*ssy and Ass'...

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ritchi451782d ago

Is this just on PS4, or have SE done the same to the other platform releases?

mrmikew20181782d ago

Yeah I’m interested to know that as well.

Vits1782d ago

SE can be rather lazy at times, so I would not be suprised if the censorship was because of Sony. But they just extended it to all versions because that would be easier.

However we will only know for sure once the game is released.

CatCouch1781d ago

I'm planning to buy the game on Steam and I will be disappointed if it's censored there. If it is I'll wait until someone inevitably mods the changes back. On it's own this might not be a big deal but FFVIII is just one in a long line of recently censored games.

It's sad that a 20 year old 13+ rated game is being altered like this.

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