Quietly, an Excellent Final Fantasy Tactics Spiritual Successor Released Under Our Noses

Ed writes: Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark is the best Final Fantasy Tactics inspired to come out since, well, Final Fantasy Tactics itself!

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franwex344d ago

Ogre battle on the PSP was also really damn good.

SegaSaturn669344d ago

You know, I didn't like it on the snes, but that is an example of a game that REALLY benefitted from the remake. The music especially -- they need to HD remaster FFT+TO:LUCT

Zenbaby369343d ago

You mean Tactics Ogre? I really liked that game a lot more than FFT myself. I think FFT is more polished, but I liked having more units in TO. Both stories were great, but I also prefer the less cartoony visuals of TO.

Tapani344d ago

I thought Arbiter's Seal's writing was significantly below Ogre Battle and Ivalice series. With this the story also was something I cannot enjoy, as I'm for the mature contents such as politics and betrayal.

Matsuno-san created something that hasn't been and probably never will be surpassed in terms of lore and writing, and story. The only title I haven't played from his story arc is the Ogre Battle 64, but it wasn't directly created by him.

Zenbaby369343d ago

Iirc, the 64 version is about what you'd expect. Weaker story, but not horrible. Good gameplay if not a little shallow. And WAY too short.