What Happened To The Tactics Sub-Genre Of JRPGs?

Joining The Duel Screens Podcast this week is Pierre Leclerc, the Co-Founder of Six Eyes Studio and developer of tactics RPG Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark – which recently received a massive DLC update known as Missions & Monsters.

Aside from discussing Missions & Monsters, the conversation eventually gravitated to tactical JRPGs, like FF:Tactics and Tactics Ogre, and how we’ve seen less and less of these types of games throughout the years. Why has this particular sub-genre of JRPG has all but disappeared despite the aforementioned titles great success and loyal fanbase?

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Godmars290526d ago

It wasn't making enough money.

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Godmars290525d ago


You honestly think I'm happy about the dozens of potential B to A type SP turn based games that got turned into "F2P" mobile gotcha titles?


Outlawzz526d ago

I'm not into tactical RPGs much unless they incorporate elements of other genres. That said I enjoyed the newest fire emblem because it had the school you could walk around and interact with people in.

mynameisthumper526d ago

I LOVE tactical RPG games. While they don't really get made much anymore, there's plenty of masterpieces available to play as many times as I need. :)

BrainSyphoned526d ago (Edited 526d ago )

Guess Fire Emblem:Three Houses, Valkyria Chronicles and Disgaeas don’t count? Then you have the western ones with Banner Saga trilogy, Xcom, Gears of War Tactics and lots of crpgs filling the roll. Divinity OS scratches this itch perfectly for me. I own plenty of AA or indie srpgs from steam sales.
If you are looking to stratch the SRPG or CRPG itch there are plenty out there for all your strategy/powerhouse building needs.

Concertoine525d ago

Agreed - was about to say longtime tactics series like Fire Emblem or Valkyria Chronicles are basically at the peek of popularity, and finally getting decent budgets

PiNkFaIrYbOi525d ago

Well you can still find a lot of TRPGS out there, but for the most part it is a somewhat dying genre as pretty much everything is sort of merging together and moving more towards an action based combat system.

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