MSXW: Spider-Man: Web of Shadows review


"To draw this review to a close, Spider-Man Web of Shadows introduces an interesting concept of innovation from previous titles. It definitely learns from other titles mistakes, borrows some of the better features, and adds some more 'meat' on what used to be an enjoyable but short lasting experience. But what this game has improved on, the developer has only made things worse in other departments. With some of the worst scripting and voice acting I've seen in a long while, and one of the most unwieldy and superficial plots, you can't help but wonder why the good and bad formula could have only been applied to the Black and Red Spider-Man.

This may be one of the better Spider-Man games, but by today's standards, other than a decent beat em up with some familiar faces, I recommend even the truest of Spidey fanatics give this a rental."

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