Editorial: Why EA Shouldn’t Give Up on Titanfall

Jacob St-Amour from Link-Cable Writes: "We have only been three years removed from the last Titanfall game and it would seem as though both EA and Respawn Entertainment are looking to move on from the fps franchise for the time being. Both the original Titanfall and its sequel Titanfall 2 were terrific entries to the genre and offered an amazing combat system as well as offering its staple full-mech battles that really made it stand out from any other title currently available. That being said, it doesn’t seem as though there are immediate plans for a new Titanfall game at this present, which is a real shame, because it would seem that everyone is hoping for a new title sooner rather than later."

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Kiwi66407d ago (Edited 407d ago )

Has anyone been saying that they want another Titanfall game

RCslayer407d ago

A lot of people say they want another, myself included.

TheColbertinator407d ago

No more Titanfall games for the good of humanity.

Abnor_Mal407d ago

Currently playing Titanfall2, feels like a chore to play. The mechanics of the game feel old and outdated. The whole idea of levels and playing a first person shooter wall running, just seems like a game from 2010. I will continue to press on but not a happy camper.

AK91407d ago

Apex Legends is their baby now, whilst I personally would love a Titanfall 3 I doubt we'll see another one anytime soon.

RCslayer406d ago

Sad isn't it. I think its one the best FPS this gen. But Apex crap is their cash cow now.