GreedFall Will Offer Over 30 Hours of Gameplay, Multiple Endings

GreedFall, the quasi-historical action RPG from Spiders, will offer 30-45 hours of gameplay and have multiple mains endings with further subtleties.

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CP_Company9d ago

did you finished it already?

Lord_Belasco9d ago

Any of you ever heard of a search engine?

Cmv389d ago

What does that even mean? Woke trash? Is there a such thing as sleepy garbage? I don't understand kid lingo any more.

Shinkus9d ago

Welcome to the world of getting old. I feel like there's a new term for stuff every other day.

Chris_GTR18d ago

woke means feminist , SJW type of person. I've never heard of this game but am interested in finding out what OP means by it being woke trash. Nothing shows up on Google.

Chaosdreams9d ago

Looking forward to this one.

robtion8d ago

Me too. Getting Witcher and Dragon age vibes. It is only a small studio though and I have noticed some clipping and mild jank in the videos so hopefully it is polished enough. It seems ambitious for such a small development team.

Chaosdreams8d ago

It'll have some quirks, no doubt. This is certainly an ambitious project they've taken on. I'm ok with some bugs and so forth, considering it's AA. I always prefer those who take risks (provided they address any bugs afterwards).

This isn't to say I like when things are not polished. Every distraction is a negative to the full package.

BlackIceJoe9d ago

Spiders is a great developer and I'm looking forward to playing this game.

SephirothX219d ago (Edited 9d ago )

That is a very positive simple statement and I'm delighted to be able to say that here today.

Smokehouse9d ago

They have the “so bad it’s good” thing going on. Bound by flame was awful but I still enjoyed it and laughed the whole way through.

execution179d ago

This game wasn't even on my radar but I've been seeing ads for it pretty much everytime I come online and after watching that game play trailer I'm probably going to pick it up at launch or shortly after