GreedFall, Mafia Trilogy, and More Games Leaving PS Plus Extra/Premium In November 2022

Sony has once again updated the PlayStation Store to share an update to the games leaving soon library for PS Plus Extra and Premium in November 2022. This time GreedFall and more were confirmed.

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deleted147d ago (Edited 147d ago )

This is why streaming services are not the future for me, whether its Playstation, XBox or whoever. I hate feeling rushed to finish a game. With life priorities, sometimes I put games down for a few months then get back to them. Sometimes years.

I'll just continue building up my own backlog collection when things hit cheap. Playstation has been releasing some great PS+ standard monthly games, and those don't have an expiration as long as we're subscribed.

This may work for some people, it's just not for me. I want to own my games, with the exception of monthly PS+ titles, as I will always remain subscribed to the lowest tier for MP, cloud saves etc

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EvertonFC147d ago

I'm all 4 tbh, ps plus monthly games, buy digital, buy physical and dip in and out of subscription services.
Gaming has never been so good with all these options and I've been gaming since 82"

DeusFever147d ago

PS+ Essential games are yours to keep (as long as you subscribe. I have Greedfall and Mafia III from PS+ from a couple years ago. Always add these games to your library.

EvertonFC147d ago

Exactly add the ps plus games even the ones you don't like.
I'm gonna sell my email/PSN account when I'm old and grey.
I've added everything since ps plus began and got so many digital games.
I wonder how much it'll be worth ?

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StarkR3ality147d ago

Those are pretty big hitters that have only been on the service for about 3 months :L at least Xbox keep most of their attractive offerings for quite a while. Some heavy hitters have been on there day one and stayed there.

Don't think there's enough on PS plus at the min to start getting rid of perfectly good 3rd party offerings, piss poor.

Terry_B147d ago

Yup, I stick to essential. And maybe I'll playthrough that PS3 game I got with ps+ in 2013. someday in 2025

curtain_swoosh147d ago (Edited 147d ago )

it would be great if they put in the expiration date into the description the minute they're avaliable.

and its great that they include Ratchet and clank games but damn, streaming games sucks ha