Game Revolution: MotorStorm: Pacific Rift Review

Game Revolution writes: "A four-year-old child who can do Fourier analysis impresses me. It's impressive in the way that only a kid who barely knows how to use a toilet and yet can still perform advanced mathematics could be. You know, "impressive" like a dog who eats dried turds and then minutes later confidently prepares a world-class coq au vin. However, if the child prodigy weren't a child and the culinary canine weren't a dog, there'd be nothing all that impressive about someone who could perform either feat, or more disturbingly, both. He'd just be a shit-eating mathematician with a taste for coq.

Not long after the PS3's launch, the first Motorstorm was an impressive showcase of the console's abilities, but always with the caveat that it was only impressive "for a first-generation title". Like the turd-eating pooch and the fresh-out-of-diapers tot, Motorstorm had plenty of issues associated with being among the earliest PS3 titles out of the gate. Some issues were eventually fixed, but many were too deeply embedded in the game's design to be repaired by patches."

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yoghurt4045d ago

What a bunch of cowboys these reviewers are, really.

DavidMacDougall4045d ago

Just from the preview at the top im not reading this. They sound like 10 year olds

yoghurt4045d ago

IMO Motorstorm 2, along with Resistance 2 have been soooo under rated - but if I'm honest I expected that, strangely there is a still such an anti-ps3 vibe amongst many sites

Szarky4045d ago

I have such good memories from the first Motorstorm and Resistance. It's so awesome to be playing the much improved sequels right now.

gamersday084045d ago

Either the reviewer is paid off by M$ or the company is owned by M$.

Funny, they're comparing Dirt and PURE to MSPR. MSPR has 8 classes of vehicles, jaw-dropping background and virtually zero frame-rate issues. Heck it even has 4-player splitscreen mode.

Dirt is a rally racer - 1 vehicle type with bland background.
PURE - 1 vehicle type and no offline multi-player. The tricks are extremely limited, all look the same and they get mundane quickly. The jumps are laughingly reatarded compared to the BIG jumps over mountain cliffs in MSPR. How can they rate PURE better than MSPR? It's obvious they're anti-PS3.

Trust me, Dirt and PURE will hit bargain bin very soon. They're cheap products from lazy developers.

Motorstorm Pacific Rift is very solid racer that screams quality in every aspect. The gfx, sound, music, gameplay is way ahead of it's competitors.

I'm just sad that many game reviewers don't judge a game based on it's merits but on their websites hits and their own pockets.

Best place to get the impartial reviews is from the customers such as Amazon, etc. It has 11 perfect customers reviews. Very rare for a racer.

PS3 MotorStorm: Pacific Rift FTW!