Evolution could return to MotorStorm in the future

Evolution Studios could return to MotorStorm in the future, a spokesperson for the studio has suggested, despite having turned its full attention to PlayStation 4 title DriveClub.

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remanutd554023d ago

Im 100% convinced they will return to Motorstorm after DriveClub

PeaSFor4023d ago

hopefully, i own all the MStorm games and will buy the next in a heartbeat.

DarkBlood4023d ago

ah so thats who is making DriveClub, thanks for that info

Megaton4023d ago

I would have much rather seen them show something similiar to Motorstorm than the thing they did show. Seems kinda pointless for them to be making what looks like a direct competitor to Gran Turismo under the Sony umbrella.

FlameBaitGod4023d ago

It wont play like a Sim, so the market they r after is diff

Megaton4023d ago

Meh. Looked close enough to me, spending all of his time talking about realism and detail. Would rather see some arcade racing. Something like Motorstorm, or something futuristic like Wipeout. Futuristic racing is a dying genre that could really use some new life.

FlameBaitGod4023d ago (Edited 4023d ago )

The handling and feel of the cars looked close enough for you... how can you do that with just a trailer lol ? Making a game look the best it can does not mean it will play like a sim. Games on next gen consoles will look better, does it mean they are gonna play more realistically ? no

Megaton4023d ago

Don't pretend to be so naive. When's the last time an arcade racer was presented so seriously, and with such neurotic focus on the details of an engine or carbon-fiber threading? At best, this will play like Dirt. At worst, it'll be a soon-forgotten appetizer before race fans feast on Gran Turismo 6.

FlameBaitGod4023d ago (Edited 4023d ago )

Ok let me get this straight... your saying if the game isn't suppose to play like real life it should look like an half ass game ? So publishers shouldn't push them self's to making better looking games if they don't plan on making the game play as real as it looks?

vividi4023d ago (Edited 4023d ago )

Please and make a global festival

360ICE4023d ago

They're the ones supposed to make WipEout now, so I really hope they go for WipEout first. PS2 had WipEout Fusion. Sure, it was good and all, but not quite what we expect from WipEout. PS3 had WipEout + Fury. Really excellent game, and perhaps the best DLC ever, but ultimately HD versions of its PSP counterparts. Brand new, game changing WipEout for PS4 is what I want. With insane graphics and amazing soundtrack.

Hazmat134023d ago

in the credits of motorstorm apocalypse one comment from someone who made the game sayed "just 2 more to go!" after that was Motorstorm RC. so one more motorstrom game?

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60FPS on PS5: Unofficial PS5 'FPS Boost' mods are radically improving PS4 back compat

Digital Foundry : Whether it's via FPS Boost or bespoke software upgrades, backwards compatibility on the current-gen consoles delivered an unexpected delight - the ability to liberate older console games from their 30fps limits, running them at 60 frames per second or even higher. FPS Boost did the business for Xbox Series consoles on an impressive range of titles, but there was always the sense that PS5 could do more. It's a hunch that checks out as a range of frame-rate unlocks are available for PS5, covering many must-have games - the major caveat being that only exploitable consoles running on older firmwares are invited to the party.

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darthv7250d ago

you love to see new life being breathed into older titles but damn the process to get there. It should be automatic that these work for everyone... not just those who exploit their systems. Really wish Sony and MS would keep this program going officially.

Psychonaut8550d ago

Damn this sucks. I want this shit so bad, but I’m not jailbreaking my console. And frankly I shouldn’t have to. I’m not a tech person, but is it really that hard for developers to unlock the framerate? Or would that have to be a large patch?

dveio50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

"but is it really that hard for developers to unlock the framerate?"

I guess it's not.

But it has become a profitable business if you do so.

So no one would pay for only the framerate patched to being unlocked. So studios need to offer more than that.

But this would take more time, polishing and would cost more money. So they shy away, but won't unlock the framerate, either.

That's just my personal assumption. But from what I can comprehend technically, it shouldn't be difficult to unlock framerates via a patch for older games.

... if it hadn't became a business.

RaidenBlack50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

frame-rate unlock should be free ...
We've seen many devs offer free patches and updates to pretty old PC titles, even bonuses ... so why can't devs offer the frame unlock patch for free (in consultation with the platform-producers) for a title from just a generation earlier?

Einhander197250d ago


"frame-rate unlock should be free ..."

Obviously the result of that thinking is that developers aren't even going to do it.

If they had been allowed to charge $5-10 you would see incentivized developers doing it way more often.

People just always want everything for free, but it's not free to make the patch, people have to code it then other people have to test it, and there will always be other costs involved.

If people want dollar store gaming then expect to get what you pay for.

shinoff218349d ago (Edited 49d ago )

Raiden I might be wrong but last I thought it cost money to put patches out on consoles.

As far as me paying for it, I'm not all that interested tbh. Not enough to pay for it with older games, and newer games have been pretty decent about it for the most part.

dumahim50d ago

Sounds like the modder has to go in to make changes to unlock it on a game by game basis. "Simple" enough to do it unofficially, but to have it done officially, they need someone to go in a make that change, put out a patch and put it through certification, which I believe is not necessarily a cheap thing to do. It's questionable if going through this would then give them enough sales to make it worthwhile.

Inverno50d ago

Many games still have physics tied to framerate, i think it's cause they wouldn't want to go in and do anything extra. Then there's the 10 dollar upgrades they rather charge. The problem is that there's no compromise, cause if I could mod my PS4 and all I'd lose is online play then id jailbreak it immediately. Mods have done so much for PC games and they could do the same for consoles, but manufacturers hafto be willing to compromise.

shinoff218349d ago

It's not to hard to do and there's youtube videos that break it down really well. ANyway most of us here arent able to break are console anyway due to being up to date on firmware from playing

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Chocoburger50d ago

Yep, this sucks having to require a jailbreak for something that should be standard in our industry by now. I learned my lesson when PS4 was jailbroken and I didn't keep a console on low firmware for years, but now I'm holding onto two low firmware PS5s specifically because there are features I'll be able to do that you can't do on official firmware, so this will pay off for me soon enough.

Jin_Sakai50d ago

It should be a sin to let these games sit and be stuck at 30fps.

EazyC50d ago

RDR 2 not getting a 60FPS patch for PS5 was a crime.


Revisiting PS3 classic Motorstorm - The driving celebration that should never have ended

Digital Foundry : Evolution Studios' Motorstorm is one of the first, finest and most fondly remembered of launch titles for PlayStation 3. It's a release designed to answer the question posed by each new console generation: what makes a game 'next-gen'? With its robust physics engine and massive tracks, Motorstorm serves up a bold affirmative answer to this question, delivering an experience that could never have existed on prior console hardware. At the same time, the path to release was fraught with challenges that almost serve as a microcosm of the PlayStation 3 release situation itself. It was a success, however, with a trilogy of PS3 releases, plus PSP, Vita and even PS2 off-shoots.

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RaidenBlack652d ago

After Driveclub and Onrush, the dev team will now contribute to and assist with the development of the upcoming NFS.