Evolution could return to MotorStorm in the future

Evolution Studios could return to MotorStorm in the future, a spokesperson for the studio has suggested, despite having turned its full attention to PlayStation 4 title DriveClub.

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remanutd553633d ago

Im 100% convinced they will return to Motorstorm after DriveClub

PeaSFor3633d ago

hopefully, i own all the MStorm games and will buy the next in a heartbeat.

DarkBlood3633d ago

ah so thats who is making DriveClub, thanks for that info

Megaton3633d ago

I would have much rather seen them show something similiar to Motorstorm than the thing they did show. Seems kinda pointless for them to be making what looks like a direct competitor to Gran Turismo under the Sony umbrella.

FlameBaitGod3633d ago

It wont play like a Sim, so the market they r after is diff

Megaton3633d ago

Meh. Looked close enough to me, spending all of his time talking about realism and detail. Would rather see some arcade racing. Something like Motorstorm, or something futuristic like Wipeout. Futuristic racing is a dying genre that could really use some new life.

FlameBaitGod3633d ago (Edited 3633d ago )

The handling and feel of the cars looked close enough for you... how can you do that with just a trailer lol ? Making a game look the best it can does not mean it will play like a sim. Games on next gen consoles will look better, does it mean they are gonna play more realistically ? no

Megaton3633d ago

Don't pretend to be so naive. When's the last time an arcade racer was presented so seriously, and with such neurotic focus on the details of an engine or carbon-fiber threading? At best, this will play like Dirt. At worst, it'll be a soon-forgotten appetizer before race fans feast on Gran Turismo 6.

FlameBaitGod3633d ago (Edited 3633d ago )

Ok let me get this straight... your saying if the game isn't suppose to play like real life it should look like an half ass game ? So publishers shouldn't push them self's to making better looking games if they don't plan on making the game play as real as it looks?

vividi3633d ago (Edited 3633d ago )

Please and make a global festival

360ICE3633d ago

They're the ones supposed to make WipEout now, so I really hope they go for WipEout first. PS2 had WipEout Fusion. Sure, it was good and all, but not quite what we expect from WipEout. PS3 had WipEout + Fury. Really excellent game, and perhaps the best DLC ever, but ultimately HD versions of its PSP counterparts. Brand new, game changing WipEout for PS4 is what I want. With insane graphics and amazing soundtrack.

Hazmat133633d ago

in the credits of motorstorm apocalypse one comment from someone who made the game sayed "just 2 more to go!" after that was Motorstorm RC. so one more motorstrom game?

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