Will Evolution Studios Come Back To Motorstorm?

Evolution Studios has been known for World Rally Chapionship and the Motorstorm series now Evolution Studios is creating the upcoming Driveclub game but will they ever return to the Motorstorm series?

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Abash2858d ago

I hope so, but I am glad they took a break from the series to make DriveClub. Hopefully they rotate between MotorStorm and DriveClub for making new installments

L6RD7BLU32858d ago

True, the only problem I had with this is that Polyphony already make the Gran Turismo series so there's no need for another simulation racing game for the Playstation Motorstorm is unique but I'll wait and see how Driveclub does.

Abash2858d ago

The thing is though is that DriveClub isn't a pure simulation racer like Gran Turismo. Evolution even said the following

“It sits in the middle between simulation and arcade. It’s grounded in realism, so the cars have a sense of weight, a tactile feel with the road, but we want to make sure it’s easy to throw them around the corners, it’s all about having fun with the cars."

That's precisely why I cant wait to play DriveClub. A racing game with intense speed and is more about fun than recreating a realistic driving feeling is what Im craving to play

Majin-vegeta2858d ago

For the last time DC is not a damn simulator it's an arcade racer FFS!

Darkstares2857d ago

If Driveclub is a success I doubt they will go back to Motorstorm, instead they will continue with the Driveclub ip.

Sevir2857d ago

Both IP s can exist, they can take the destruction and layer it on the Driveclub engine and add weather effects and I'd buy it in a heart beat, every one of the motorstorms have sold well on PS3.. the first one selling the best, but still amazing

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BitbyDeath2858d ago

Gonna try DriveClub but Motorstorm is more my type of racer.
Hope it comes back.

L6RD7BLU32858d ago

Yeah I'm more into arcade racers but I do like to play simulation racers sometimes too.

killer4fun532857d ago

yea i like ramming people in i remember punching a guy on atv.

Team_Litt2858d ago

The last one crashed and burnt in terms of sales and was no critical darling either. They have to make another one so not to leave the MotorStorm legacy forever tarnished.

BitbyDeath2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

Yea but only because the timing of a game about an apocalypse being released when the world had an apocalypse which then caused it to be either banned or delayed in many places around the world.

iamnsuperman2857d ago

It was really poor timing. It did suffer because of that catastrophe. I had a lot of fun with it and I would like to see more.

BitbyDeath2857d ago

Yea, I really enjoyed it.
Although Pacific Rift was my favourite of the three.

user74029312857d ago

imagine motorstorm on the ps4!

luis_spartano2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

I sure hope so!

Although MotorStorm Apocalypse didn't have a massive success(Sony fault!), it's the one I enjoyed the most.

Unfortunately, I think if Driveclub doesn't succeed, MotorStorm won't came back. Maybe Sony even close the studio.

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