10.0 Resistance 2…Instant Classic

In Resistance 2, the Chimera have launched a full scale invasion on both the east and west coasts of the United States. You are Nathan Hale and you have joined "The Sentinels," a special task force of soldiers who are also resistant to the Chimeran virus. You will fight the Chimera in various locations such as the swamps of Baton Rouge to the far reaches of Iceland and back again with "The Sentinels" as you fight the Chimeran virus inside you while it seeks to destroy everything that makes you human.

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joebahrjoebahr4045d ago

game was good till nathan dies in the end after turnign into a chimera.

The Killer4045d ago

i already did

on topic: at least some people knows how to appreciate R2, most media either hating on R2 or over hyped with gears 2 and giving it a higher score!!

how can they compare Blue Ray with DVD9?? R2 is own gears 2 in most aspect!

arika4045d ago (Edited 4045d ago )

this is a nice way to start my day... resistance 2 getting a perfect score. a review that they truly deserve...

Socom4045d ago

You be a fool if you pass on super fast intense and chaotic 60 player online and revolutionary 8 player coop mode because some rigged reviews say the game is not at least a 9.

In reality most of these reviewers long made up their minds about Resistance 2, they prefer GeOW 1.1 and because of that, they never played R2 or played R2 longer than a few hours. Because they spend most of their time on GeoW 1.1.